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FuzzyWooo is a developer known for creating Shark Attack! and McDonaldsville!.


- Shark Attack- In Shark Attack, players go on quests to find gems and jewels in the sea, and try to kill the horrific sharks that live in the surrounding sea. Shark Attack is FuzzyWooo's most popular game on Roblox. - McDonaldsville- Mcdonaldsville is a roleplaying game where players act the roles of McDonald's workers and citizens of a small town. Workers serve players food, police officers protect the city, and citizens can buy a home and live life to it's max. - Wooo-Mart- Wooo-Mart is a virtual store game where players can buy FuzzyWooo's own clothing. - Shark Attack 2: Shark Battle- The sequel to her most popular game, Shark Battle allows players to play as regular humans who try to search for gems in the sea, or sharks who can kill the humans. - 2 Player Laser Wars Tycoon- A 2 player tycoon where players can build up a base to defend themselves, fight the robots, and defeat the other players. - The Christmas Story- A game retelling the biblical story of baby Jesus' birth. The game was created during December 2018.


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