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Shark Attack! is an action survival game created by FuzzyWooo and Grandsnaf. It is based on the stereotype of sharks as man-eating creatures.


Roblox Shark Attack! Official Game Trailer

Official game trailer

Although the number of players in the game is usually not much, the game was popular enough to reach over 9 million visits and to be played by popular YouTubers and Robloxians such as Taymaster, PixelatedCandy, GamerChad, AshDubh, GamingwithKev, RadioJHGames, and DenisDaily.


The game takes place on several islands in an ocean infested with man-hungry sharks.

The main goal is to kill as many sharks as possible and to collect gems. When a shark senses a player, they will swim to them and try to kill them (touching almost every part will deal damage). With weapons and a pet, the player can slaughter a shark, which will drop a gem(s) once killed. If they get killed themselves, the player will simply teleport back to the main island and won't suffer any consequences besides from being warped away back. Sharks are able to push away players or boats a bit, with the Megalodon being able to push away its surroundings, even sharks and boats, far away. (Sharks will be sometimes stuck or thrown onto land, making them easy targets.)

Gems can be found by either finding them in the sea or by killing the sharks. They can be later sold for money at the Gem Shack. Cash can be used to purchase food, toys, pets, gear (weapons), and boats in the Shop. They can also be obtained from a chest that rarely drops in every 15 minutes. This chest gives you some of the rarest gems.

For easy travel across the ocean, a boat can be used. Otherwise, the player can either swim or hop repeatedly in the water. Nevertheless, being stranded in the water can risk drowning or sharks. To teleport to your house, you click on the house icon on the bottom right of your screen. Note that you must claim a house to teleport to your house.

A Treasure Chest also spawns randomly in the water every 15 minutes and is full of the rarest gems. Players who find it also get a Treasure Chest Bubble Maker as proof that they found the Chest.

Although optional, there is an island where houses can be built and contain swimsuits, scuba diving suits, scuba masks, furniture and a Megalodon Harpoon. A Changing Area and Protected Swimming Area is available for experimenting with various hats, with various buoyancies. A bartender near the Swimming area is there to answer questions players might have.

There are 3 different Doges that can be found. Each will earn a badge for the player.

With the PvP gamepass, the player can fight another player.


Species Description Health Damage per hit Gem transformed
Bull shark A gray-blue shark species that can survive both in salt and freshwater. They have the lowest health and the easiest to kill. 700 8 Single random gem
Tiger shark A shark species identifiable by its stripes. 1050 8 Single random gem
Hammerhead shark A shark species identifiable by its hammer-shaped head. Despite having higher health than the previous, they are incredibly weak. 1100 7
Great white shark Arguably the most feared shark species, large and with gray skin. 1225
Killer whale Despite being a mammal, it appears in the game as the aggressive and ferocious toothed whale (in real life, they are friendly with humans) ??? ??? 5 Painite gems
Megaladon A prehistoric giant shark species, serving as boss of the game. It has the most health of all sharks, deals the most amount of damage, and is the strongest. Depends on number of players on the server, will usually be over 2000 15 A large rain of various gems


Gem Value
Ruby (Red)


Emerald (Green) 50
Diamond (Blue) 75
Tourmaline (Yellow) 150
Musgravite (White) 300
Tanzanite (Purple) - Rare 700
Alexandrite (Pink) - Very Rare 1500
Painite (Red Fire) - Only dropped by Orca and Megaladon 200


Weapons are the main game mechanic, vital for killing sharks. With the weapon equipped, the player can hurt a shark by going near one and slicing it. (Long ranged weapons can shoot sharks from far away.)

Weapon Damage per hit
Beginner Sword 175
Shadow Blade 200
Shark Sword (Long Blade) 200
Laser Sword (creates a layer of blue blocks) 225
Dual Katanas (Two Swords) 175
Undead Sword 210
Megalodon Harpoon in House 150
Gamepass weapons
Crossbow (Range Weapon) 300
Grenade Launcher (Range Weapon) 350
Aqua Periastron (Q for Special Ability) 300
Colt 45 (in Shark Patrol Gamepass) 400


Pets serve as companions to the player, dealing damage to the nearest shark and healing the player. Only one pet can be kept at a time.

Pet Damage per hit
Doge 10
Turtle 15
Snake 20
Business Cat 25
Pumpkin 30
Polar Bear 35
Arctic Fox 40
Seal 45
Penguin 50
Killer Whale 100

Food can be eaten to regain health, useful for situations when the player is in dangerously low health. The player can fish with a fishing pole and either sell it to a fisherman or cook it in the campfire. Campfires are located around the map.

The game also includes toys to purchase in the Shop which serve no purpose but as novelty and troll items, such as the Shark Launcher, Squid Launcher, Killer Whale Launcher, Plunger Launcher and the Egg Launcher. A Pirate Suit is also available in the Shop that includes a hook that does very minimal damage to sharks.

Boats can also be purchased in the Shop. Currently, there are 2 available that also have to be equipped in the Shop - the Camo Dinghy and the Ghostboat. They are a bit faster than the Basic Boat and more controllable.

Hats can be equipped at the hat shack by the swimming area. They do not cost money and are unequipped when you die. They do not affect anything but your look.


  • Work together as a team to kill sharks, especially when killing Megaladon. Many hands help.
  • As a rule of a thumb and to avoid hogging, a single or few gems belong to those who killed the shark(s) that dropped them or found the gems. However, in some situations, such as receiving a rain of gems from Megaladon, try sharing with others.
  • When in dangerously low health, try to hop to the nearest piece of land and either eat food to replenish health or let a pet heal you. If the land is far away or you've swum to the very deep, eat food and attempt to escape.
  • Boats are ideal for water travel, as sharks cannot get you. However, get away from Megaladon, as he can throw boats back far away.
  • Gamepasses, as they go "pay-to-win" style, can enhance the gameplay and make it easier to win. Otherwise, do the best you can with the free content.
  • have the weapons that deal the most damage
  • an easier way to obtain cash is from floods of gems. Trade them in at the gem shack for instant cash. The rarer the gem, the more you'll get


- Shark Attack is FuzzyWooo's most popular game. She has also made games such as McDonaldsville, a roleplaying game with a gameplay similar to Soro's, and WoooMart, a game where FuzzyWooo sells her own clothing. |- - when you walk in the doges, a doge hat will appear on your head. |- -the lost pan is underwater by the gem shack and shop. However, a fence surrounds it, so sharks cannot get in. |- -sometimes bosses glitches out on the shore. This makes it outrageously easy for you to kill it. Still watch out to not get too close to its body parts, as they still damage. Don't get close to their fins if they are moving. |- -in a narrow gap of rocks, there is a nest that contains an egg. This is the seagull's egg. |- -there is a scrap of land behind the submarine. This is a great spot for fishing. |}