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GPR3 (also known by his YouTube alias Lonnie) is a semi-controversial Roblox game developer, known for using the Bait and Switch method (particularly for the game Red VS Blue VS Green VS Yellow!). He is also known for creating the Blue Plaid Shirt which was provided to the community for free. On his YouTube channel, he usually creates videos surrounding trading his limited items.


Red VS Blue VS Green VS Yellow!

In June 2008, he first started developing a game named Red VS Blue VS Green VS Yellow!. The game has accumulated over 100,000,000 place visits.

Case Clicker

In early 2017, GPR3 along with TheGuyWithAShortName started developing a game named Case Clicker. The game has accumulated over 40,000,000 place visits.


He is criticized on YouTube for clickbaiting and sometimes plagiarizing from other YouTubers. Some YouTubers such as Nathorix have ranted about him. Lonnie once made a video about that he got banned on Roblox, even though it was actually a warning. He has also made a video called MAKING XXXTENTACION A ROBLOX ACCOUNT in which he "created" a Roblox account for a dead celebrity. There have also been cases were GPR3 has called projected items as 'scam items', which angered the trading community as many did not believe they were scams and due to many new traders all of a sudden believing projected items as scam items.


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  • Despite his controversy, he had a positive reputation on the forums, with over 40,000 posts before they got removed.
  • GPR3 currently has over 200 million place visits.
  • GPR3's biggest accomplishment (according to his own words) was obtaining the rarest limited on RobloxThe Kleos Aphthiton.
  • GPR3 has been the subject of criticism for copying Skater Pants which were originally created by Shaddic.
  • He is known for being a Christian, owning the group Christians of Robloxia.