ROBLOX Base Wars FPS is a first-person shooter game by the ROBLOX Content Team, known as Games. The goal is to capture all control points and get the most points. If your team wins, you could get the Red & Blue Base Wars Paintball Mask. The game is relatively popular, as it has racked up over 740,000 place visits and over 30,000 favorites. The game is uncopylocked, meaning that players are allowed to take it out of their own free will. In January 2017, after the removal of voxel terrain, the game's terrain was converted to smooth terrain, drastically changing the game's appearance.


(To change classes, hold down C with a weapon out)

Trooper: The all-rounder class. Equipped with a shotgun and a sword, he's ideal for attacking or defending control points

Assault: The speedster. Assault can be used to strategically distract enemies or capture control points quickly. He's equipped with an assault rifle, flashbang, and a sword, which will kill anyone if hit from behind with.

Brute: The tanky tank. Brute is recommended for defensive use, as he is the slowest class but returns it with a rocket launcher that can kill any class in two shots or less. Equipped with a shotgun and a baton as well.

Support: The Healer. He can keep teammates alive and even defend himself, He's the second highest in speed. Equipped with a submachine gun and the healing automender.

Sniper: The sharp shot. He can take out any class with a simple, yet well-placed headshot with his sniper rifle. If enemies choose to retaliate, he can keep at bay with his colt pistol.

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