ROBLOX Battle is a BrickBattle game created by the Roblox content team on November 1, 2012. The game has a plethora of game modes and various maps that the game mixes together at random to provide a fresh experience to returning players. There is also a wide selection of armor, a small amount of which is user-created. The game serves as an enhanced version of Crossroads, using updated versions of the weapons seen in the game.

On June 10, 2013, the Roblox content team released the Major Update. In this update, Roblox added support for new "game types", including Elimination Mode, Party Mode, and Rocket Race. Additionally, new maps, such as The Shard and Raven Rock, were added for players to fight on within the new game modes. A new lobby was built, which included a voting area, a spectator overlook area, a shop, and a bank. Through the bank and the shop, users could use the newly added Coins, which would drop each time a player was KOed. The update, which was heavily advertised, launched the game onto the front page for several days after months of inactivity. Other updates, which built onto the new features from the Major Update, released one month later.

The Roblox content team later released a three-part blog post about the game and how it was made, detailing how the game is powered and how they modeled the game. In their third blog post, they announced the game was officially uncopylocked so users could see how the game was created and create their own versions of the game. The game had a protective script that prevented users from getting the maps originally used in the game, but users found a loophole to bypass the safeguard. Although this allowed users to get the maps, they would not appear in Studio Mode.

After the game was made open source, player numbers began to dwindle as players began to play on their own modified versions. Many users claimed their copies of ROBLOX Battle was their own. The game was temporarily made closed source during the Walking with Dinosaurs event, which added a dinosaur-themed survey in the lobby of the game. Completing this survey would have gotten you the Walking with Dinosaurs Speed Egg, and getting all four questions right would have gotten you the Hatched Walking with Dinosaurs Super Egg. After the event ended, the game was once again made open source.

In 2018, the Nexus Development created their own modern version of Roblox Battle, which greatly builds on the ROBLOX Battle format and foundation through new features and shop items.


Five of the six gears available in ROBLOX Battle, those being the Linked Sword, the Bomb, the Slingshot, the Superball, and the Rocket Launcher, are remakes of those used in Crossroads. Some of the modernized gear received and replaced old features. For example, the bomb is thrown at a targeted area instead of dropping on the player's head, making it less risky for an accidental suicide when using the gear. Additionally, the bomb projectile flashes red and is in the shape of an actual bomb rather than a chrome sphere. A new gear, the Reflector, is introduced in ROBLOX Battle. This device briefly deploys a reflecting forcefield that reflects projectiles, including superballs, slingshot pellets, and rockets. The forcefield can reflect one's own projectiles, so anyone using it should be careful to not self-destruct.


Coins are the in-game currency used to purchase different pieces of armor in the shop. Each time a player dies, about five coins will spawn from the top of their head. Coins will not drop on self-destructs. More coins will spawn if the killer is wearing special armor. Players can earn coins from fighting in each round, but they are not saved unless they are put in the Bank, which is located in the Intermission Lobby. Players can use these coins to buy items from the shop.


Map Name Supported Gamemodes Picture Description 
Bloxburg Classic, Sword Showdown, Superball Smackdown, Bomb Blitz, Rocket Rampage, Party, Burn Down, Team Classic, Juggernaut
The square of a city.
Crossroads Classic, Rocket Rampage, Superball Smackdown, Party, Burn Down, Team Classic, Juggernaut
The map seen in the original Crossroads game.
Raven Rock Classic, Sword Showdown, Bomb Blitz, Superball Smackdown, Rocket Rampage, Party, Burn Down, Team Classic, Juggernaut
A medieval environment, featuring the wall of a fortress, a marketplace, several taiga trees, and a large Elizabethan house.
Skylands Classic, Rocket Rampage, Superball Smackdown, Party, Burn Down, Team Classic, Juggernaut, Sword Swept
A collection of floating islands, most of which are connected by landbridges or concrete bridges.
The Depths Burn Down, Bomb Blitz, Sword Elimination
A large pit that drops players into a large blue cavern, lit only by the torches around them.
The Shard Classic, Team Classic, Juggernaut, Superball Smackdown
Shard Logo 2.png
A collection of black spires over a broken grey terrain.
Rocket Race Rocket Race
Rocketrace icon withtext.png
A trail of grey blocks and colored blocks with two platforms at each end.
Dodgeball Arena Dodgeball
A dodgeball arena, split evenly between red and blue, lit by stadium lights.

Shop items

Item Name Type of armor Price Ability
Speedy Visor Helmet 80 Coins +2 Walkspeed
Crown of Wealth Helmet 50 Coins Drops 2 additional Coins after a player dies, but expires after the wearer picks up 150 coins.
Shard Helmet Helmet 1000 Coins None
Medium Body Armor Chestplate 200 Coins Moderate protection
Light Body Armor Chestplate 50 Coins Basic protection
Heavy Body Armor Chestplate 300 Coins Extensive protection
Leeching Body Chestplate 400 Coins Drains 8 HP/sec. from nearby players
Regeneration Chestplate 250 Coins Heals 3 HP/sec.
Reactive Body Armor Chestplate 300 Coins Reflects a small amount of dealt damage
Shard Body Armor Chestplate 2000 Coins None
Light Leg Armor Leggings 40 Coins Extra protection
Speedy Boots Leggings 100 Coins +4 Walkspeed
Reactive Leg Armor Leggings 200 Coins Reflects a small amount of dealt damage


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  • The game has not been updated since May 19, 2015.
  • ROBLOX Battle was one of the first games to add support for mobile devices.
  • The Roblox content team originally planned to include the Trowel in ROBLOX Battle, having created a model for it. However, the tool never made it to the final version of the game, leaving players to believe it was replaced by the Reflector.
  • The Roblox content team planned to tie-in ROBLOX Battle with the Roblox Egg Hunt 2013 through the unused Roblox Battle Egg, but this idea was scrapped for unknown reasons.
    • TheNexusAvenger approached Roblox about using the egg in his Roblox Battle Remastered game during the 2019 Roblox Egg Hunt, but Roblox declined his request.
  • The early version of the map used for the Rocket Race game type includes a mix of grey and red blocks, whereas the version used in the MEGA UPDATE has a mix of colored blocks and grey blocks.
  • The name of the salesperson in the lobby shop is "Shoppe".
  • When coins were first added to the game, they were circular in shape. They were not changed to have their modern square shape until an update in late June 2013.
    • The logo found on the circular Coins may have been inspired by the logo found on Bitcoin. Although this is unconfirmed, it is likely since many Roblox perssonel, including Shedletsky, knew about Bitcoin.


  • In Elimination round, try to use the reflector in the middle of the fight, where there is a chance of an enemy shooting a projectile weapon at you, such as a rocket launcher, and leave the sword and rocket at the end unless it is necessary.
  • To kill somebody with a reflector, try to deploy it against an incoming hostile projectile, preferably a rocket launcher, and have it hit an enemy.
  • The community highly recommends using a sword for speed to catch up to somebody and a rocket if you are in a good range.
  • Rockets can kill yourself if you don't aim carefully, so try to aim precisely but quickly, as waiting too long to get a precise shot can leave you vulnerable.
  • If many players are attacking you, especially when using a ranged weapon, use a reflector to kill them, as a rocket flying directly at you can be reflected if it is about a close-range away from you, and if they do close-range rocket shots, the reflector will kill them instantly.
  • Time your reflector deployment well, as it has a three-second cooldown, leaving you vulnerable to projectiles for a while.
  • Rocket launchers have a five to eight-second cooldown to reload another rocket.
  • Remember to keep jumping away, as it is always useful when you don't have a reflector.
  • If there is only one gear, which is a bomb, stay close to them so you won't be blown up
  • If a player has a sword out, and he/she is going toward you without a rocket launcher, use a superball when they are far away, use a slingshot when they are at medium length across from you, and a rocket when they are very close.
  • Bombs work best in an area where there are many players present in a close range. 




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