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Games_Page was a user who was infamous for his roleplay games such as Life in Paradise and Boys and Girls Boat Roleplay. These games were highly criticised as many found them to be common hubs for online daters.

It is also believed that he owned the TheThinkingDumbGuest and TTDGv2 accounts.


Games_Page was terminated on December 6, 2017, for unknown reasons. His main account, Tremity, was also terminated that day. 


Tremity (Terminated) 

TheCreatorGirl (Terminated)

ripTremity0 (Terminated)


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  • Games_Page's game, Life In Paradise, is not under review and users can still play it as of June 7, 2018.
  • Games_Page was a member in Tycoon_Studio.
  • It is rumored that Games_Page/Tremity owns a reward site where one would fill in surveys for Robux. This could have been an indirect cause for his termination.