COALESCE is a floating game created by a user called GodOfDonuts. In the game, you use multiple bricks to float up and use your missile launcher to be have the highest elevation.

It was featured in a ROBLOX game review by Maxxz, featured on the ROBLOX YouTube channel.[1]


Coalesce - Official Roblox Game Trailer

Coalesce - Official Roblox Game Trailer

When you spawn, you are on a structure on the ground. The center of the structure will generate bricks when you click on it. The bricks gravitate towards the nearest player available. Once you have at least a couple amount of bricks, you can start floating towards the air. The main objective of the game is to get the highest elevation of them all.


The bricks you have will either be friendly or deadly. The glowing bricks will harm you.

  • Glowing Red Bricks will slowly lower your health when you are nearby it or standing on it.
  • Glowing Orange Bricks is a time bomb once stepped on. After a few seconds, the glowing orange brick will explode, scattering your bricks.
  • Glowing Blue Bricks is slippery, and will make you make you slip and possibly fall when you step on it.

In addition, the bricks will start to fade away after a long period of time. You can stop them from fading away by mousing over the fading bricks. This is to stop people from being AFK when they reach a high elevation.

Missile Launcher

Each player will have a missile launcher, which shoots out homing missiles when you mouse over and click on a player. Upon contact, the homing missile explodes, not damaging you but it will scatter the bricks you have nearby. This makes the chance of falling more likely when a missile hits.

  • The more you target a person with the Missile Launcher, the more likely the homing missile will hit your target.
  • Note that: You cannot use the homing feature on the Missile Launcher when you're on the ground or at a very low elevation.


Falling happens when no bricks can catch your fall and you plummet to the ground. When you fall (above a set distance), you will gain gold.


Like said above, falling down (above a set distance) will give you gold, depending on how much you fell. For example, you will gain more gold if you fall from 5,000 studs rather than fall from 1,000 studs. Gold is used to buy skin crates.


Crates are boxes in which opening them will give you a random skin for your Missile Launcher. They cost 350 gold for one crate and 550 gold for the other crate. You can equip them via Loadout on the menu.

Game Passes

These are permanent upgrades that do various things in-game.

Name Cost Description
Missile Launcher Upgrade 100 Robux Increased target radius and faster missile speed!
Gravity Coil 110 Robux Makes you jump higher and fall slower!
Double Gold 300 Robux Get double the amount of gold you'd normally get!

Slightly overpowered.

Speedy Bricks 175 Robux GOTTA GO FAST!!1!!
Neon Bricks 250 Robux Burns every retina within a 10 mile radius.
Rainbow Trails 175 Robux nyan nyan nyan


Name Status Description
How's the view? Obtainable 1000+ height
First steps Obtainable 100+ height
I met a Dev! Obtainable Meet one of the developers of the game: GodOfDonuts, Aspernator, or Wizzy011.
SPAAAAACE!! Obtainable 5000+ height
What are those? Obtainable [CONFIDENTIAL] -Pentagon- [23:45] Unidentified ###### ###### spotted ## ######## 10,000 ft ## ############, ####### "DO NOT ENGAGE"
badgeone Unobtainable aa
(Pizza Party event badge) Community Badge Pizza Party 2019 Obtainable No description available.
(Pizza Party event badge) Developer Badge Pizza Party 2019 Obtainable No description available.
(Pizza Party event badge) Developer Badge Pizza Party 2019 Obtainable No description available.
(Pizza Party event badge) Staff Badge Pizza Party 2019 Obtainable No description available.


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