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HenryDev is a Roblox developer most known for his multitude of projects, including Treasure Hunt Simulator and Saber Simulator.


Boardwalk Tycoon

Main article: Boardwalk Tycoon Team/Boardwalk Tycoon

This is a sandbox tycoon, made by the BWT development group. It is owned by FierceByte, but HenryDev is a high rank.

Treasure Hunt Simulator

Main article: Treasure Hunt Simulator

This game is a game where you dig and find treasure, buying cool tools and backpacks. It has made the front page multiple times. The game has 200M+ visits currently.

Saber Simulator

Main article: HD Games./Saber Simulator

Saber Simulator is a very popular game on Roblox, top game. It beat Treasure Hunt Simulator. It currently has 250M+ visits.It is a part of the 2020 egg hunt

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