iTrapped was known for being a hacker of the 2012 April Fools Incident by accessing the administrator panel. He was infamous for ruining the Roblox economy at the time. He accessed the admin panel with Ellernate and Caleb244.


Ellernate, one of the players who accessed the admin panel accused iTrapped for going too far and destroying the Roblox economy as well as posting another thread notifying iTrapped. iTrapped did not listen to any of Ellernate's posts and continued to destroy the economy as well as compromise famous players. The community soon caught on to this and criticized iTrapped, mainly for compromising TheGamer101 during the hack. This user created a game called "BLOXCity", or known today as "Brick Planet".

Termination and Legacy

On May 4, 2012, iTrapped was IP banned for great involvement in the hack, compromising famous players at the time such as TheGamer101 and streetx. iTrapped also took place in destroying the website as a whole during the hack. As a result, iTrapped lost over 1,300,000 RAP (at the time) of limited items: Dominus Frigidus (which was eventually taken), Ice Crown, Sparkle Time Fedora and Darkheart. Almost 2 months after the ban, he went on an account soon known as NoDoom around July 29, 2012 on which he made a post claiming to be iTrapped himself.[citation needed] The account was later terminated. He soon went on an account known as G0dfrey around August 2014 but the account was also terminated. He also used the accounts DubstepTheory and DoctorEvidence, but both are terminated.

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