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ihateitunes was a Roblox developer mostly known for created the game called, "Be A Baby Or A Baby Sitter 2", which received over 2,000,000 place visits.


On an unknown date in 2016, ihateitunes was terminated for unknown reasons. It is assumed that he rejoined Roblox in August 2016 on a new account named Im_Itunes[citation needed], where he reuploaded his game "Be A Baby Or A Baby Sitter 2". As of August 30, 2019, it has been visited 26,667 times.

Alternative accounts

  • Wavyitunes (Terminated)
  • BuddahBless (Terminated)
  • MalcolmMerlyn (Terminated)
  • gray (Terminated)
  • abs (Terminated)
  • spIoash (Terminated)
  • sploash (Terminated)
  • Darknighthawk24 (Inactive)
  • Im_Itunes (Inactive)
  • lmj45052 (Active)
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