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InceptionTime is an administrator on Roblox, currently working in Developer Relations. He was previously positioned as a Community Engagement Representative until late 2017. He was well known across the Roblox forums before they were defunct, particularly within the All Things ROBLOX sub-forum. InceptionTime became an administrator in 2015.

He was involved in the Let's Play ROBLOX Twitch series with fellow moderators OrcaSparkles and SlingshotJunkie and is somewhat active on his own Twitch channel, yet he has not dedicated certain times to stream on it as he has a "wonky schedule".

InceptionTime lives in the United Kingdom and currently works from home. He is known to be in charge of the Featured Sort and Rthro sort. He also helps manage the Developer Forum and live streams on Twitch in his spare time.


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  • InceptionTime's original account was created October 11, 2008 under the name of rhy622. This account no longer exists and was terminated for unknown reasons.
  • He was suspected to have banned Julius Cole for no reason, however it is currently unknown who actually did ban Julius Cole.
  • He was also speculated to being the person who terminated and IP banned Quackityishot as Quackity himself stated on-video as InceptionTime blocked him via his Twitter.
  • Prior to 2015, he created videos on Roblox updates and the community in general.
  • InceptionTime is the only known administrator that works remotely rather than at Roblox HQ.
  • InceptionTime’s name in real life is Rhyan Smith.
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