Alan Fackler, known as JacksSmirkingRevenge, was a Roblox administrator who used to host Roblox's livestreams with other employees, most notably Blockhaak. He also helped out by contributing art and custom graphics for the Roblox Facebook page. Before he joined Roblox, he was a print journalist for the newsrooms in The Bay Area News Group, for both online and print. He was also an associate with Maximum PC as well. Jack described himself as an avid gamer, whose hobbies included photography, graphic design, and web design.

2014 Livestream Incident

On October 24, 2014, Jack, along with a few other users, were hosting a 24-hour Roblox Extra Life charity live stream. Near the end of the stream, the administrators thought the live stream was offline, as it showed "No Signal" for them. Unbeknownst to them, they did not realize that the audio was still recording their voices. Once they were on break, Jack and a few others started to talk negatively about Roblox, and a few co-workers such as Shedletsky, along with the CEO of Roblox, David.baszucki. Jack was talking about how Roblox doesn't care about their workers or their community, and how once someone logs into Roblox they will soon leave and won't come back, and he even says how the quality of the site looks bad. He was also abusing his administrative powers by giving other administrators thousands of Robux and avatar shop items.


Because of this incident, David decided to do an interview for the viewers to explain the company's values. He also stated, in the beginning of the video, "There are a few people who are no longer at Roblox today, following up those events, and I think framing the Roblox values, kind of in a discussion can just shed light on that."

Jack, B1tsh1ft, and SnowBL0X were fired a couple of days after the stream. After this incident, Jack mostly became inactive on his social media platforms but frequently posted on his Linkedin account.


Soon after this incident, Jack's Roblox account was terminated for a short period of time before the termination was undone.


As of September 17, 2019, he is a Technical Writer for Matterport. He seems to have completely moved on from Roblox by now, as his account has become inactive.

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  • Full video of the incident CAUTION: This video contains harsh language. If you are under the age of 13, we suggest you to not watch it.
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