Zombie Outbreak is a well-known and famous scary game that was made by Jaredvaldez4. The game is a copy of Stealth Pilot's The Undead Coming. However, unlike Jared's other copied games, he actually built a significant amount of the game, adding a whole underground network of sewers to the map. However, on his most recent account, Jared2valdez4, Zombie Outbreak is his most popular game, with over 7 million place visits, as of May 19, 2018. The game was notorious for being disguised in many decals and titles that are rather irrelevant to the actual game itself. The game's name has been changed multiple times, including titles such as Zombie Land and "Deadrising2".

Because of the criticism given to the game and Jaredvaldez himeself, the game actually has 4k+ likes and about 2k+ dislikes. It's main competitor is hoshpup's Outbreak Survival, but both use The Undead Coming's game engine. When Jared2valdez4 "created" the place,  the game became popular in mere hours.Game slots add up to approximately 7+ million place visits. The game was last updated on June 29, 2013 and is still sometimes played up to this day.

In 2020 he reuploaded the game back fixed due to the FilteringEnabled update: Zombie Outbreak


At the beginning of the game, the code will run a script to randomly choose a map. The map chosen will be what players will enact the infection on. In speculation, some errors occur that make the map choosing process way longer. All of these areas appear to be stolen from other games on ROBLOX.

Cabin in the Woods - This map is Stealth Pilot's "The Undead Coming" map, but Jared has modified it to be like his old account's "The Infection" with a sewer system, a garbage bin, and some other aspects of Jared's past game modifications.

Quaritined Village - Though most likely a free model, it is a work of art, with the main theme being green doors, white walls, and a rusty brown roof. There is a safe spot church in the middle to support this theme as well. It also has an underground subway feature with a lot of newspapers and a train with two good railways to hide in.

Desert - A hieroglyphical temple-like map. This area was originally created by Explode1 for a karting game, in which this area was later stolen by Jared and was left uncredited.

Nuketown - A common theme of 2013-2015 where there are a few houses, a fire truck, something resembling a cultisack, and resembles some casually abandoned town. It is also a common outside of roblox.

Dark City - A city left over after a zombie apocalypse, you can go inside certain buildings, also seeming to have a bridge in the middle of the map.

There are a few more I plan to discuss on in the future so stay tuned for that.


Shop - Jared claims to have made the shop customly himself. I will say however, that a lot of items seem for the most part, overpriced. It contains items like A P$40k Illumina,(which is the highest priced fairly) the PieGun,(P$15k) and RayGun(P$999). The reason some prices may be so high is because 1. he wants you to play the game a lot and 2. some items are actually good.

VoteKick - This is a feature Jared made to ensure hackers could be kicked by voting. A lot of people abuse it and kick players randomly and it does has its critics, but this is a fairly helpful feature since anticheats then and even now on roblox mostly are player-based and non-trustworthy to be accurate, and roblox's anticheat only detects injectors and such, and even some cheaters can bypass this roblox-provided feature.

Ranking System - This plays part in the shop, but not quite much, if you're ranking manages to save, players can see you're experienced at the game if say you're rank 20.


At the beginning of the game, the game randomly chooses up to 3 players to become zombies, while the rest of the players in the game become human survivors. The humans are given some weapons that they own, such as pistols and ray guns. At this point, the humans need to survive for almost 15 minutes in order to win the game, otherwise the zombies, whose goal is to eliminate all human survivors, would simply win. During gameplay, humans can exterminate zombies with their weapons to gain 21 points per zombie killed in order to be able to purchase stronger weapons. On the other hand, zombies can earn points for killing any human, converting the killed human into a zombie. However, zombies can only damage humans by touching the human, therefore limiting their power. As time passes by in the game, zombies can upgrade to their stronger version of themselves, allowing them to kill humans with more efficiency.

Zombie types

  • Normal Zombie- The normal zombie is an average zombie. Its walkspeed and health is the same as a human at the speed of 16 along with the health of 100 healthpoints. They have green arms, legs, and head, along with a brown torso. The type appears at the start of the game.
  • Fast Zombie- The zombie is similar to the normal zombie, except that the zombie appears as a crawling zombie and has a great amount of walkspeed, allowing the zombie to reach the humans faster and quickly slay them. However, the zombie has low maximum healthpoints of 80, making it rather easy for humans to kill them. The zombie type can be used by the zombie after 5 minutes has passed from the beginning of the game.
  • Ghost Zombie- The zombie acts the same as a normal zombie, except that the zombie is transparent, making them slightly harder to spot, although some humans can detect them by its body and face. It appears after 8 minutes have elapsed.
  • Fast Ghost Zombie- The zombie possesses the same appearance and stats as a normal fast zombie, though it, like the normal ghost zombie, is transparent. It appears after 8 minutes and 30 seconds have elapsed.
  • Kami Zombie- The zombie possesses a similar appearance to the normal zombie, though the zombie has a high amount of healthpoint of approximately 200 and explodes upon death, although their walkspeed is rather low to balance its power. Its head is also bent backwards, unlike other zombies. Any human caught in the area of the zombie's explosion can either become heavily damaged or become converted into a zombie. The zombie appears after 10 minutes has elapsed from the start of the game.
  • Boss Zombie- A large zombie, it has approximately 2300 hp and deals a large amount of damage on players, severely damaging or even killing them. To compensate for the benefits, the zombie possesses slow speed, allowing many humans to easily outrun them. The zombie type appears at the last minute, when 10 minutes has passed.
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