jaredvaldez4 is one of the most notorious figures in Roblox history. He was infamous for popularizing the act of game plagiarism, which earned him a controversial reputation.


Jared was notorious for his allegedly copied places. Many players have speculated that he exploited games in order to gain unauthorized access to places for his own personal use. Jared has claimed that he aquired these games without exploitation, and took them only because they were, according to him, "un-copylocked." The exact means of him obtaining other users' games is unknown, as no proof of his alleged hacking and/or exploitation has surfaced. His most popular games were Paintball!, which is a copy of Daxter33's game of the same name, and The Infection, which is a copy of Stealth Pilot's game The Undead Coming, with some maps added by Jared. Paintball! has received over 7.6 million visits, while The Infection has earned approximately 3.8 million visits. His place Command a Clone Army has achieved 1.4 million visits, and his copy of Welcome to the Town of Robloxia had achieved over 1.8 million place visits.

He has been banned several times for breaking ROBLOX Terms of Service. He is often criticized for adding trademark symbols to his places to make claims of ownership that were not authentic.

List of plagiarized games

Other incidents

In addition to copying places, he copied StudioARE by establishing his own group by the name of "StudioJARE." StudioARE allegedly made threats to sue Jared for Copyright on their company name and stealing their 'RoWar' Series.

Jared has two other copied groups as well. After Vortex Security leader Chibitobi refused to take Jared's offer of 2-3 million tix to sell ownership of the group, Jared made a replica of Vortex Security named Team Vortex. He copied Vortex Security's logo, as well as their group uniforms. Jared's meeting center for the group was the former meeting area for a group named X-101st. The group gained over 5,040 members. Jared then sold the group to dudiebum10.

Jared took ownership of a group called Rebel Squad. This group was also accused of plagiarism from other groups. Jared also copied group bases and training facilities (which can be proven through his brother DominicBaca's account) used by Team Domino, a minor war group that is owned by Pieperson50, which has over 66,000 members as of July 18, 2012, and used them as his own. The logo for the group is copied from a group called Recon-Assault Team (RT). The group has over 23,040 members. The main reason why his groups would grow so much is because he would claim to give free VIP at his paintball game to those who joined his groups.

Jared would set goals for how many members the group needed to have in order to begin a training. Once the group reached said goal, Jared would change the goal. So far, his group has had only one training, and the current goal for the group is to reach a total of 35,040 members. Rebel Squad has been dubbed "The Next Team Domino," because of the similarities between both groups and their owners.

Rebel Squad has been given over to the user GOD2U. GOD2U has released a new logo for Rebel Squad and is currently working on new bases for Rebel Squad. He now owns a group called Iron Force.


Because of the sheer amount of backlash that Jared had received in his earlier days on ROBLOX, he was often the subject of scrutiny through mockery. An example of this was a video created by SharpTH in December 2011. This video was clearly intended to be sending a message addressing the animosity towards Jared, but in a rather slanderous way:

Post-Roblox Jared

After his departure from ROBLOX, Jared made videos on his Youtube channel and deleted most of his ROBLOX related content. He now has graduated from high school. He was 19 and was no longer on ROBLOX.

He has stopped stealing other people's games as he has grown older, which has aided in rebuilding his reputation. As a result of this, there are some who now like and support him after his dramatic changes. He regularly posts content related to real-life events and politics. It has been disclosed on his YouTube channel that he dislikes both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

On February 4, 2017, he returned to Roblox for only one day. On May 28, 2017 he made a video stating how it felt like to be remembered by millions of players. This video can be found here. On September 22, 2017, he made another video stating that he would return to ROBLOX and would play regularly under the username, "iDream4Food." However, this account was later banned most likely due to Jared's past actions in his earlier days on ROBLOX. His new account is now Lost2Time

He made his first ROBLOX related video in 2018 on January 1, 2018, titled "I'm Becoming a Roblox Gamer" which teased a full-time return to ROBLOX. He reuploaded some of his old ROBLOX videos in mid January and made a video revisiting his old game, titled "The Infection."

His last ROBLOX related video to-date was uploaded on February 10, 2018 which can be found here.


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  • In early 2010, sources from his YouTube channel, JaredvaldezTV, shows that he was younger than 13 years old and that he stole his mother's credit card just to earn Outrageous Builders Club for his account.
  • He used to post on posts concerning him, on Talk and Off Topic, before his departure from Roblox.
  • There was an old rumor that he bribed ROBLOX so that his account wouldn't be deleted. However, this rumor is likely false.
  • Although he copied Stealth Pilot's Undead Coming, Stealth Pilot is ironically in his friends list.
  • Back when jaredvaldez4 was still active, he reported posts that he thought¬†were being mean to him.
  • Sometime in 2012, he stole 1dev2's place, but gave credit to him. That game is now under review and can no longer be accessed.
  • Jared once asked Telamon if he was "Jealous of [jaredvaldez's] marketing skills" on the¬†forums. However, Telamon contradicted with the question, responding with:"You may be good, but I'm awesome. So no."
  • He once made an April Fools Joke on the forums stating he left due to his haters.
  • Jared used to lie about his age and claimed that he was a freshman in high school so that he can avoid being hated about being young by older users.
  • Jaredvaldez was booed at the RGC (Roblox Game Convention).
  • On one of his YouTube videos, a car is seen with a Colorado license plate in the background. Therefore, he likely lives in Colorado.
  • On February 4, 2017, he returned to ROBLOX.
  • At his peak, he had over 17.8 million place visits, which was once the highest for any player on ROBLOX. All of his alternate accounts combined resulted in over 30 million place visits total.
  • He has also been accused of hacking 1dev2's account during the 2012 April Fools Hack but 1dev2 confirmed that it's false. 1dev2's supposed alt (timdefeatyou) has claimed Jared did not hack him. Jared has also been accused of hacking Her0z.
  • On his YouTube channel he has shown that he was 19 years old.
  • On September 28, 2016, Jared made a video on YouTube explaining the truth with him and ROBLOX and it's community. He explains how he got massively famous and how he is exceptionally sorry for plagiarizing uncopylocked games on ROBLOX. He also mentions Julius Coles.
  • On February 24, 2017, after nearly his 4-year hiatus from ROBLOX, he returned to ROBLOX and is currently making games from scratch instead of plagiarising.
  • All of Jared's Roblox accounts in order of creation¬†are jvald111, jaredvaldez,¬†jaredvaldez2, jaredvaldez4, ChanceTK, ChanceTK2, jared2valdez4,¬†iDream4Food, Lost2Time
  • Jared once tried to trade for TheAmazeman's ROBLOX Tablet in exchange for a Dominus Messor, Wanwood Crown, and Jared's prized group "Iron Force".
  • Jared's name is blacklisted, so if anyone types in "jaredvaldez" it will turn into hashtags.
  • Jared also has several known terminated alts, such as Vectormain, runeraider1 and dbaca111. [citation needed]