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JauntyApeGames (real name Robert Hashman) was the Senior 3D Artist and a 3D contractor for Roblox. He had produced over 1500 assets (sponsored and non-sponsored) for the catalog since 2012, with his first released catalog item being Burger Bob.[1] The final item he made for roblox was the Crown of Knowledge.[2] Despite having made multiple popular catalog items since 2012, he did not create a Roblox account until August 2019.

He left Roblox after the rise of the dissolution of the catalog team after the reveal and release of the UGC catalog at the Roblox Developers Conference 2019. After working at Roblox, Hashman began working as the first Senior 3D Artist for the social networking app Zepeto on May 1, 2020. However, he soon left this position on May 22, 2020.[3] Soon afterwards, he began uploading environmental assets, including sci-fi buildings and trees, to the Roblox library.[4]


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