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Roblox Skating Rink is a game created by johnnygadget and Metalliz. It was featured in the Pizza Party event. It also has a fan group, also owned by johnnygadget.

In the game, players can socialize at a skating rink and lap around the oval circuit, which has a DJ booth in the center that players can purchase access to in order to play songs they want. Players can also purchase different skates (cosmetic), effects and trails, and dances. As of November 4, 2019, the laps have no functionality other than documenting how many times a player has lapped around the circuit.

The building is neon-themed. Inside contains a shop for skates, a small cafe, some restrooms/changing rooms, and an arcade, which is mostly empty.

The music that plays in the game stretches across multiple genres. Players also have the option to play their own music for 10 minutes if they spend 4 Robux at the DJ booth.

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