JuliusColesV2 (also known as Julius5005) was an infamous developer on Roblox who was notorious for creating the controversial game Town of Robloxia!/Have a Family in the Town of Robloxia!, which was a copy of 1dev2's Welcome to the Town of Robloxia. He was also known to republish other uncopylocked games and free models and claim them as his own.

JuliusColesV2 held over 20 million place visits, and 33 million place visits over 4 different accounts. JuliusColesV2 has a YouTube channel where he often uploads rants about other Roblox YouTubers which often include false or misleading information, gameplay, and vlog style videos.

The majority of JuliusColesV2's places across his several accounts were all versions of 1dev2's Welcome to the Town of Robloxia game, which led to controversy regarding his ownership of the game, which he claims is his.

His main Twitter account was @HJKOH, but it got suspended because of death threats, particularly towards Roblox on social media. He has since ceased this behavior, and his new Twitter account is Juilus Cole.

He now spends his time creating YouTube videos. His videos have received much criticism. Some believe that he is trolling in his videos, but no one knows for sure.

Town of Robloxia!

 Town of Robloxia! is a game that was constantly republished by JuliusColesV2 under several accounts. The game features the uncopylocked version of Welcome to the Town of Robloxia, created by 1dev2.

Town of Robloxia! consists solely of the uncopylocked version of the game and free models. He occasionally changed the adjective in the game's title, using words such as "different", "advanced", "improved" as a bait and switch method to attract younger, unsuspecting players.

JuliusColesV2 often used YouTube and the game description as a means to make false claims to anger critics and gain support from his fans. In one instance, he states that 1dev2 had stolen the game from him[citation needed], but JuliusColesV2's oldest account, Julius5005, had been created two years after 1dev2 had joined. Additionally, [Adjective] Town of Robloxia! was published a month after 1dev2 had uncopylocked it.

JuliusColesV2 was known to search for free models and reuploading them under his several accounts. He would then insert the models into the game and leave a link to the models as proof that he created them. He has also claimed he himself has developed the entire game, stating it is "0% free models" in the game description.

The [Adjective] Town of Robloxia was also a major hotspot for online dating, in competition with other similar games in the genre.

In the descriptions of possibly several games, a passage would read: "This game is not copied or free modeled. I made everything honestly. 100% original, 0% free models, 0% copied.", despite the fact that many of his games' assets would match up with free models created by other people.

In 2020 he uploaded back the game under a new account: Different Town Of Robloxia


In early October 2014, JuliusColesV2's game Different Town of Robloxia went under review by moderators and was removed. JuliusColesV2 later republished a copy of it. Unlike its predecessor, comments were disabled, possibly in order to stop the controversy surrounding him. It accumulated around 3,000 place visits until the main version went back up on October 11, 2014.

Another seemingly identical version of Different Town of Robloxia was published under the title Adopt/Raise a Baby and Have a Family in the Town of Robloxia. Similar to his past claims, he stated the game was 100% self-developed and had 0% free models in the game description.

The game still exists as Have a Family in the Town of Robloxia, but is no longer being updated due to his account termination. Despite the hate, he has accumulated 4,426 likes and 844 dislikes on Have a Family in the Town of Robloxia.


JuliusColesV2 had been criticized by Roblox YouTubers (most notably CodesterProductions) and by most of the general community for copying 1dev2's Welcome to the Town of Robloxia by adding free models to it and not giving proper credit to the original creators while claiming to be the creator himself.[1] Although he was banned from using Developer Exchange[citation needed], he had also been criticized for gaining unearned revenue through his games. Despite this, [Adjective] Town of Robloxia! has had more thumbs up than thumbs down throughout its lifespan. JuliusColesV2 was also known for making rants on YouTube that were inappropriate (due to the extreme language and harsh behavior like giving the middle finger to the viewers) and provoking to critics.

JuliusColesV2 was also known to have friendships with other users that held similar controversies. Examples of this can be seen in his "hangout" game when other users (particularly ones that create town/city roleplay games) join and have conversations with him and sometimes go on harassment sprees against Julius' fans.

Videos / YouTube

JuliusColesV2 often creates videos addressing his 'haters' and supporters on YouTube. Most of the videos consist of heavy profanity directed at his 'haters' as well as rants. In others, he denies all allegations of him copying Welcome to the Town of Robloxia and talks about 'cyber-bullying' which some see as an attempt to get attention and mislead others. In one video he describes how his 'haters' are trying to make him commit suicide, although little to no support is found for these claims. Often in these videos his points contradict one another, such as in one where he says 'I took his game...Well, for a start I made the game, he copied from me.'.

Many of his videos were deleted soon after they were published. In the past he had made a video claiming he would not remove any more videos, but he has since deleted that video and many others.

On October 2, 2015, he uploaded a video titled "Yay Erik Cassel Died", a video containing death threats against the Roblox staff. He soon created more videos containing death threats against Roblox. Due to these threats, this further increased the hate towards him.

On April 11, 2013, he uploaded a video claiming he was falsely terminated & IP banned due to him being "accused" of creating sexually explicit places & claiming he didn't actually create explicit content, however this was just a blatant lie.

Currently, all of his remaining videos are rapping, hate videos and dancing videos (one of which includes him flipping off the camera at different intervals), although his older Roblox-related videos have been reuploaded by other users.

Lately, JuliusColesV2 has been making videos trying to direct people to Brick Planet (BLOX City at the time) and not Roblox, and videos similar to his older ones, such as wishing death upon the Roblox community and saying that Erik Cassel deserved to die. Also, Juilus Cole wishes death upon the entire Roblox Community to die like Erik Cassel.

He usually renames his videos to hide hate. For example, his video "Who Cares about Cancer, It's good" was renamed to "Erik Cassel Happily Deceased" and his video "Yay Tix is getting Removed" was renamed to "Leafy is Here."

He used to switch between hating on Roblox and playing Roblox games but now because of community guidelines strikes, he started playing Roblox until he started making videos talking about Roblox stalking him and banning every account he makes.

He now typically creates videos attacking other YouTubers over false claims. He also makes videos about people cyberbullying him where he puts water on his face to make it look like he is crying.

Account terminations


On April 11, 2013, his account Julius5005 (which joined in 2009) was banned for creating a sexually suggestive game. Later he created another account named JuliusColes, which was subsequently banned. The day after he uploaded a video regarding his accounts' termination. Amazingly enough (if it was an oversight), there is one game under this name that is still up to this day, and it can be found here.


On May 16, 2015, JuliusColesV2 uploaded a YouTube video called "Quick Message". In response to this video many users started creating threads about this video on the Roblox Forums and mass-messaging moderators, demanding that they take action against JuliusColesV2. Some hours later, his JuliusColesV2 account was terminated


Later, after this deletion, he created an account named Julius5005V2 with another free modeled game, which was deleted before the game could reach 100 place visits. This account was also subsequently terminated.


On May 18, 2015, Julius was poison banned, but he had used a proxy to create a new account named JeezyJv2 and uploaded a new video on YouTube, in which he verified that it was indeed his new account. This account was terminated some time later. He later deleted the video.

On the same day Julius uploaded another video titled, "SOMEONE BLOW UP ROBLOX NOW!". The video consists of Julius asking someone to blow up The Roblox HQ and wishing death upon Roblox users and staff members. The video was removed four days later on May 22, 2015.


On May 26, 2015, Julius created another account named GhostV2, and created another free modeled game. This account was terminated the next day and Julius uploaded a video named "Straight up roast".


In early September 2015, Julius created a new account named iiJuliusColeV2, and created another game, which was another copy of Welcome to the Town of Robloxia. He created a second YouTube channel, and uploaded a video of him announcing his new account. He was once again banned hours later, and his second YouTube channel was shut down shortly after.

On September 26, 2015, Julius created another account named KindleCarter, again publishing another free modeled game. He also uploaded another video named "I'm KindleCarter on ROBLOX" which was later deleted, along with his new account.


These accounts were used by Julius when he switched to creating gaming videos on his YouTube channel. They were both terminated in sometime in late July 2017.


He created 2 more accounts, and BlueberryWaffleCake was one of them. It was terminated in early August 2017, and then created a new account, in which he bought Builders Club on it. He was terminated in the middle of August 2017 and accused Roblox of stealing his money.

Return To Roblox

On 9/30/2018, Julius Coles somehow got back on Roblox named as JxliusColes (to avoid Roblox banning him again), while he points out on his account that he is going to follow the Roblox Rules and terms of services. He also showed a video in 2019, called Going against a guy who roasted me in Roblox Auto Rap Battles!, where he plays Roblox Auto Rap Battles!

New account: JuliusColesV82

Post Roblox Julius and Feud with AlbertsStuff

Julius deleted almost all of his videos especially during 2016 and 2017.

After departing Roblox, he constantly created videos with death threats against the Roblox employees, most notably against the now deceased Erik Cassel. He then made a diss track against a populated Roblox YouTuber known as mrflimflam which caught his attention. This resulted in both YouTubers constantly making videos flaming each other.

In early 2017, after his feud with AlbertsStuff cooled down, he announced he would be creating gameplay videos making it the first time for him to do so since 2016. He would constantly switch from saying that he has changed and wishes to be forgiven to making death threats against Roblox employees. This went on until the middle of 2017 where he had a short hiatus and then mainly focused his attention in getting the support from the Roblox community. In July 2017, he created a video ranting about the poor leadership of the Roblox administrators gaining support from the majority of the Roblox community for the first time in his Roblox and YouTube career. He got famous and gained popularity after YouTubers such as greenlegocats123 and Equillex were posting comments on his videos supporting him.

He would repeatedly make videos criticizing the leadership of the Roblox administrators until August 2, 2017 where he uploaded a video about his guinea pig, making it the first time he created a non-Roblox related video since May 2017. He continued ranting on the Roblox administrators but slowly distanced away from that and instead uploaded Roblox gameplay and non-rant videos. 


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  • He copied many thumbnails from various roleplay games on his first account JuliusColes.
  • He had made claims that¬†Pandazhugz¬†copied from him, specifically being his GUIs.
  • A few months before JuliusColesV2 was terminated, he had a RAP of Limited items being over 905,000 Robux.
  • Julius created an account on a simulator and superior in his opinion game named Brick Planet and is telling people to play that instead.
  • As of March 2017, he started changing from the Roblox gameplays he did and changed back to hating.
  • Due to hating MeepCity and online dating, he claims that Roblox administrators are stalking him. This explains that even purchasing something on the site gets him terminated.
  • Julius Coles takes many YouTubers' thumbnails and then edits them and claims them as his own. He is also said to steal videos for his intro.
  • Despite Julius Coles stating that he will not hate from that point on in the past, he still continued to create hate videos.
  • On November 23, 2017, Julius stated in a video that he was a troll and that his behavior was not real.
    • Despite him saying this, on December 9, 2017, he created a video which threatened to hack Roblox and ban all players of it.
  • On December 27, 2017, Julius uploaded a video saying that Roblox players are getting him hate and that he will change back to hating Roblox in 2018.
  • On January 7, 2018, Julius uploaded a video saying that Roblox had sued him. A few days after he uploaded a video where he admitted to it being fake, saying it was just a joke, but many users believed it was real. Many populated YouTubers said it was fake and that he did not want to be exposed. Sometime later he deleted that video and changed the description of the "ROBLOX SUING ME" video to "This video was a joke and may seem real."
  • It appears that Julius is trying to¬†migrate to Brick Planet.
  • In one of his videos he said that he was terminated for copying a¬†game and free models, but he still continues to say that he was banned for unknown reasons. Instead, it appears he was terminated for adding a TM (trademark) to a free model.
  • Julius Coles' name got blacklisted, as typing his name on Roblox will display hashtags.
  • He is friends with¬†Ananymoos¬†on Roblox due to a bug in 2015 which allowed users to friend a desired user, without that user accepting the request.

Video gallery

Some of the following videos contain heavy profanity, hate speech and threats. These are reuploaded videos. The publisher of them is not Julius Coles himself, and the publisher just simply reuploaded videos Julius had made. Most videos listed were taken down by Julius himself.




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