Justgoaway1 was a famous Robloxian, noted for creating popular games such as Desert Canyon Warfare and Paintball Unlimited, and for founding the highly popular group today, Vortex Security, who joined in June 21, 2007.

Role in Vortex Security 

Justgoaway1 created Fort Vulcan, the main fort for Vortex Security which gained over 1.4 million visits. Other creations by him include Fort Valor, VS Headquarters and the VS Recruitment Center.

On January 29th, 2012, Justgoaway1 created a forum thread about quitting Vortex Security leadership, and giving ownership to Chibitobi. However, nowadays, he is a Colonel in the group on his current account, JustGoNow.


Justgoaway1 was terminated with Chibitobi for what was rumored to be bribery and for his inappropriate username.[citation needed]


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  • He formerly had Outrageous Builder's Club, but downgraded to Turbo Builder's Club membership in June 2011.
  • He has a very large number of Forum posts, and earned the title of "Top 100 Forum Posters".
  • He was thought to act very closed to the lower ranks and was known not to speak to them, even if they were on the same server as him.
  • He started on his "Fort Vulcan 3.0" project, but it was never officially completed.
  • He has a YouTube profile where he only posted videos 8 years ago and 12 years ago (as of January 2020) that can be found here, and has only 61 subscribers (as of April 2016). He uploaded 3 blooper-ish Roblox videos 12 years ago and started making short videos like 'That's right **** you Jake" and "I'm a terrible person." on Roblox.
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