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Moneymaker Tycoon is a Tycoon experience that was developed by kenami. In 2019, the game went into inactivity after the creator announced that they will be moving on from the game after making the final version of it.


Players when joining the game will spawn in one of the 3 factories that are present in the game. In order for a factory to work, there must me 2 players present in the factory. The goal is to chop down trees and bring back the wood to the wood cutter, which would allow players to gain cash until they have enough to buy certain equipment in-game so they can make there factory better at cutting wood.

Once players have enough cash they can create Moneybags, and if they have a Van in there possession, they can deposit it in the bank to save cash. There is also a shop where players can buy better axes, a chainsaw and a lightsaber. Players can also buy gamepasses in-game to have a Jetpack and a Radio to have it in ther possession in-game.


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  • The Tycoon is known for it's complexity when getting cash compared to other Tycoon game play.
  • It took 2 months for the Tycoon to be created.
  • It usually takes an hour before a player can finish the Tycoon.
  • Players used to glitch to get Infinite cash in the Tycoon.