KingAndrewK, formerly known as PaulyD848, FreshDiamonds and KingPaulyD, was a user on Roblox known for creating "Adopt And Raise A Baby", a game which has been visited more than eight million times and which has given him a negative reputation. All of his games are stolen from uncopylocked games and contain free models. He currently holds over 50 million place visits on his main account.


He was terminated in November 2016 for owning a poison Dominus Infernus, serial 1.  The dominus was later used to compensate AlexCrowns as a result of reporting bugs, and was traded to Wardency, when then Wardency was terminated. He also has the only D4rk886's Tablet making it unobtainable.


His most popular game, "Adopt and raise a baby" which not only encourages online dating but also uses free models. He has also reuploaded the same game and called it "Adopt and raise a baby 2".

He also has other copied games called "Competitive swimming", "Fashion Show Roblox", "Assassin's Creed Unity Obby" and "Building".

Adopt And Raise A Baby


Example of Online dating in FreshDiamonds' game.

His most popular and controversial game is due to online dating in the game. The game currently has over 8 million visits and was on ROBLOX's top 25 games of March 2015. Now, it's under review.

Other Accounts

KingAndrewK had two other accounts.

KingAndrewAK - Terminated

KingAndrewAKK - Terminated.


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