Sinking Ship is a popular ship game created by kni0002. It has many islands including a giant cruise ship. The minigame sets up on a huge cruise ship with mutiple locations.


Players choose the locations they want to spawn in, and then the cruise ship will hit a rock beside it, it will then either start to sink from the stern or bow, so you have to move or else you will end up in the water. There are life boats on the LB Deck, anyone can ride on the Life Boats, but only Captains and Crew Members can launch them, and only players with the Driver's game pass can drive them. In kni0002's game, you get a special boat that is like a life boat.


These are permanent upgrades that do various things in-game.

Name Cost Description
Tugboat 150 Robux This will let have access to the Tugboat in the game.
Music Player 250 Robux This will allow you to play music on the go while playing on Sinking Ship!

To use you put the Music ID into a a music menu that can be accessed on the left hand side while playing in-game. This menu will not appear if you have not spawned yet.

Crew Member 45 Robux This game pass will give you access to Crew member Team as well as the ability to launch Life Boats and some Gear.
Captain 65 Robux This game pass will give you access to the Captain Team though the Gamepass Menu. This gives you Super Run& Jump abilities and extra Gear as well as more Air when going underwater.

Gives you the ability to launch lifeboats.


This Game Pass gives you the following gear in game when you join. GravityCoil

  • Flashlight
  • Firework
  • MedKit
  • SpeedCoil
  • SuperRegenCoil
Life Raft 10 Robux This gamepass will give you an Inflatable life raft when you join the game.
SpeedBoat 75 Robux This Game Pass lets you drive a speed boat.


Name Status Description
Played Sinking Ship! Obtainable Welcome to your first time playing Sinking Ship! You will obtain this badge upon entry to sinking ship.
The Bow! Obtainable You will be awarded this badge if you step foot on to the bow.
Stern Obtainable You managed to stumble onto the back of the ship. Obtainable by visiting the stern of the ship.
The Bridge Obtainable This badge is only obtainable by stepping foot on the bridge.
Engine Room! Obtainable You went in the Engine Room! This badge is only obtainable by entering the engine room.
Cave Explorer Obtainable This badge is only obtainable by exploring a hidden cave located somewhere on Sinking Ship Legacy Map. There should be a badge giver inside the cave where you have to walk on to obtain this badge.


Some users have criticized the game claiming the terrain was "poorly built" and that the game "lacks key features". Other users oppose the criticism citing the game is "not about the terrain". Kni0002 has not responded to these comments.


Users have also complained about a certain glitch that occurs sporadically. A user with the tugboat pass will sit in the vehicle seat and begin driving. A user with an explosive tools uses the gear and causes a portion of the boat to become unanchored and render the boat useless. This has yet to be fixed due to its rarity.


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