KnightGaladeld is a Roblox administrator as well as the founder of The United States of America, the largest USA-focused group on the platform.


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  • KnightGaladeld created USA with the founders known as baxternite, izaak136, 97tomtom, and NCISrox.
  • The official twitch channel of KnightGaladeld is usaTwitch. It is one of the top streaming channels on ROBLOX overall.
  • His real name is Carlos Rodriguez.
  • He also owns the group, United Nations, which is allied with his Cuba and USA group and with other countries.
  • He is a character in the game "League of Roblox" and he is one of the 2 people who did not buy their way in and got invited, along with pspjohn1.
  • He is the owner of the clothing clan, Tiger.
  • He is part of the Roblox Developer Relations Team
  • He was featured in a crossfire for his Washington D.C. with DuceJulianValerius' City of Rome, Italy.
  • He is Cuban. 
  • During Summer 2017, he went to Subway so often that the employees knew him by name and memorized his order.
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