Lando64000 is a famous Roblox game developer and player well-known for his building and scripting skills. His places sometimes include collaborative projects done with his brother, tbradm. Almost every one of his places has a secret area and always proves to be a taxing challenge to find. He was one of the co-founders of Pokémon Brick Bronze, one of the most popular Pokémon recreations on Roblox. It was taken down by request of Nintendo and The Pokémon Company. This game was later reworked into Loomian Legacy.


Hide and Seek

Main article: Community:Lando64000/Hide and Seek (41 Fields)

Lando64000's most famous game is Hide and Seek. It started with fourteen maps, but the game rapidly expanded after a user-created contest where Lando64000 invited other players to create a free model hide and seek map for the game.  The game currently has exactly 41 maps.

The Winners

The winners fields are being played right now, and their names can be seen in the field's museum at the bottom level of the waiting room. It currently has thirty fields.

A Pirate's Life

Main article: Community:Lando64000/A Pirate's Life

A Pirate's Life is another famous game created by Lando64000. Players fish, search for treasures and battle the opposing teams in this nautical roleplaying game.

Weather and Seasons Simulator

The simulator has four rooms that simulate each of the four seasons. Each room has the same content, but the scripts performed vary from room to room.

Pokemon Brick Bronze

Main article: Llama Train Studio/Pokémon Brick Bronze

A Pokemon game with all current Pokemon and is like other Pokemon games. It includes a story, trading, battling, and more. The game has been put under review due to a DMCA strike by The Pokémon Company.

Hide n Seek Ultimate

Main article: Llama Train Studio/Hide n Seek Ultimate

Hide n Seek: Ultimate is a game made by the development group Llama Train Studio. It is a spiritual successor of the game, Hide and Seek.

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