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LandonRB_YT, (real name Landon Kyle Nickerson and commonly referred to as simply Landon), is a Roblox and Fortnite YouTuber. He created his Roblox YouTube channel, formerly known as LandonRB, Landon 2, Landon - lol, and now known as Landon - ARKH, was created in July 2017 and has since accumulated over 860,000 subscribers.

He is also notable for being the owner of the TEH #DUCKSQUAD group where he used to give away Robux through the group payouts feature. He has been terminated numerous times on different alternate accounts, until finally getting a Roblox administrator to unban some of his accounts, giving him a second chance. The channel has gone through numerous rebrands, originally being named LandonRB, then Landon 2, then Landon - lol, and finally, now known as Landon - ARKH.

Landon is the founder of a company named ARKH which is a tech startup company. He decided to make his Roblox channel be part of the project, so he changed his name and profile picture, along with making every Roblox-related video unlisted. These videos can still be viewed through Landon's playlists on the channel. He is currently working on getting ARKH's products released to the public. Since then, he uploaded a video on his channel regarding the project.[1] He stated on Twitter that he will giveaway his Robux if his tweet gets 2,500 retweets by May 25, 2020 due to not having enough time to play video games.[2]


Landon has generally based his Roblox identity around his Rubber Duckie item that he commonly refers to as Ducky, but he is most known for his previously frequent and somewhat controversial Robux "giveaways" to players in his group that he did on almost every one of his videos.


Termination & Giveaways Controversy

Shortly after his video called "roblox will ban me if they see this.." was uploaded, his account was terminated which prompted him to apologize to the community. He noted that Roblox had grown sick of him violating the Terms of Service by using the group payouts feature to give away free Robux.

Not too long after his new apology video was posted, his new account, LandonRBYT_v2 was terminated and his group was locked. When his main account was terminated, it had an estimated 1,000,000 RAP worth of limited items stored on it, including the Sparkle Time Fedora which he wore on his avatar.

While the definitive reason for his group deletion is debated, it can be inferred from Roblox's note on lotteries and giveaways within the game's Terms of Service that Landon was operating a scam because he only gave Robux to those who purchased DuckSquad merchandise (contradicting the 'free' claim), even though he was giving a lot more Robux than the DuckSquad merchandise has costed. It could have been still considered a lottery by the Terms of Service.

Alternate accounts

Sometime after the ban, he logged into another account called duckietheduck_YT. He made the avatar look like his first account's avatar and then renamed it to LandonRB_FR (FR meaning Free Robux). The account was later terminated and still remains terminated. On January 20, 2018, Landon created an alternate account named LandonRBYT_v2 and promised to "follow ToS until [he] die[s]!". Two days later, Landon created an alternate account named GHOSTBANNED, suspecting that he was "ghost banned" in the state where Roblox prevented him from playing games[3], however this was not the case.

In March 2018, LandonRBYT_v2 was terminated after Landon risked making another Robux giveaway live stream, however this time he bought donation T-Shirts and gave out Roblox gift cards using social media such as Twitter and Instagram. He later claimed in a video that these methods were permitted by the Terms of Service and stated that he believed he was falsely banned on this new account.

Second chance

In April 2018, Landon revealed that after some negotiations he was going to be given another chance by Roblox (although not many people believed him at first). Later on, Landon provided confirmation that his account was going to be restored.

Later, both LandonRB_YT and LandonRBYT_v2 had their terminations lifted.

Roblox Video Stars Program

On July 11, 2018, he uploaded a video named "I FINALLY GOT VERIFIED ON ROBLOX! 😍"[4] where he went into Jailbreak and showcased the star icon to the left of his username, which is given to YouTubers in the Video Stars Program. On an unknown date in 2020, he was kicked from the group and program due to not actively making videos on the platform. He is one of the only YouTubers to be entirely kicked from the program.


After July 20, 2018, Landon took a long hiatus on his Roblox YouTube channel. Fans speculated that the reason he went inactive is because he got too attracted to playing the game Fortnite, as all he was uploading on his main channel at the time was Fortnite-related content. On December 2, 2018, he returned to the channel and uploaded a Roblox video for the first time in 6 months. After that, he continued to actively make Roblox videos up until January 1. On January 1, Landon rebranded the channel into "Landon 2". After that, he took another hiatus. Later, he came back to change his channel name to "LandonRB - ROBLOX". Landon tried making a comeback on the LandonRB channel, but his last upload was on June 2, 2019. He uploaded another video in June and the channel was left untouched until April 10, 2020, when he would unlist all of his Roblox-related videos and uploaded a new video to the channel, discussing that he had a meeting with the company who ran the ARKH fundraiser, and that he would be returning on this channel to support the fundraiser. His channel name was rebranded to "Landon - ARKH" in the process, along with having a new profile picture.


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  • PrestonPlayz is his cousin.
  • On January 13, 2020, he uploaded a video to his YouTube channel where he revealed his real phone number and told his fans to text and call him.[5] Later that day, he made a tweet[6] and comment on the video saying that his SIM card reads "No Service" after being texted and called so many times.
    • The video was made unlisted soon after.
  • He was formerly in the Roblox Star Program.