LandonRB_YT, (also known as Landon Nickerson in real life and Landon), is a Roblox and Fortnite YouTuber. He created his Roblox channel, formerly known as LandonRB and now known as Landon 2, in July 2017 and has since gained more than 700,000 subscribers. Since July 2018, after getting banned for giving away Robux, he has abandoned his Roblox channel in order to focus on Fortnite content. Landon Has moved on he is making Fortnite Videos.


Landon has generally based his Roblox identity around his Rubber Duckie hat that he commonly refers to as Ducky, but he is most known for his previously frequent and somewhat controversial Robux "giveaways" to players in his group that he displayed on almost every one of his videos. He made his break while recording with his cousin Preston Playz


Termination & Giveaways Controversy

Shortly after his video called "roblox will ban me if they see this.." was uploaded, his account was terminated and this prompted him to apologize to the community. He noted that Roblox had grown sick of him violating the Terms of Service by using the group payouts feature to give away free Robux.

Not too long after his new apology video was posted, his new account was terminated and his group was locked. It is suspected that Landon will make one final apology to the community and staff and will then move on from the situation. When his main account was terminated, it had an estimated R$ 1,000,000 worth of limited items stored on it, including the Sparkle Time Fedora which he wore on his avatar.

While the definitive reason for his group deletion is debated, it can be inferred from Roblox's note on lotteries and giveaways within the game's Terms of Service that Landon was operating a scam because he only gave Robux to those who bought DuckSquad merchandise (contradicting the 'free' claim).

Alternate accounts

Some time after the ban, he logged into another account called ‘duckietheduckYT’. He made the avatar of Duckie look like his first account's avatar and he then renamed it to LandonRB_FR (FR meaning Free Robux). On January 20, 2018, Landon created an alt named LandonRBYT_v2 and promised to ‘follow ToS until I die!’.

In March 2018, LandonRBYT_v2 was terminated after Landon risked making another ‘1M Robux’ livestream, however this time he bought donation T-shirts and gave out Roblox gift cards using social media such as Twitter and Instagram. He later claimed in a video that these methods were permitted by the Terms of Service.

Second chance

In April 2018, Landon revealed that after some negotiations he was going to be given another chance by Roblox (although not many people believed him at first). Later on, Landon provided confirmation that his account was going to be restored.

Later, both LandonRB_YT and LandonRBYT_v2 had their terminations lifted.


After July 20, 2018, Landon took a long hiatus on his Roblox YouTube channel. Fans speculated that the reason he went inactive is because he got too attracted to playing Fortnite. On December 2, 2018, he returned and uploaded a Roblox video for the first time in 6 months. After that, he continued to actively make Roblox videos up until January 1. On January 1, Landon rebranded the channel into Landon 2. After that, he took another hiatus. Later, he came back to change his channel name to LandonRB - ROBLOX. Landon has tried making a comeback on the LandonRB channel, but so far his last upload was on June 2, 2019. LandonRB has yet to honor his word of uploading "every other day." As of June 14, 2019, he has been posting about 2 videos every month instead of uploading daily like he used to.

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