Legobloxian9000 is a Slovenian Roblox YouTuber with over 100,000 subscribers. His YouTube channel can be found here. He mainly creates videos in a similar style and nature to greenlegocats123.

Alternative accounts


Fued with Roblox Minigunner

Legobloxian made a video on Roblox Minigunner claiming that his content was unfunny and that he was a hypocrite. Roblox Minigunner responded to the video by counting up the things that he believed Legobloxian described wrong.

Legobloxian proceeded to made another video about Minigunner saying "Roblox Minigunner at least tried" to disprove Lego. Lego disproved some points Roblox Minigunner made during his response while retracting false statements.

Legobloxian's video gained a lot of attention, and possibly everybody agreed with Legobloxian[citation needed]. greenlegocats123 then made a video describing his experiences with Minigunner. Proceeding this, Minigunner apologized for his actions.

Hacked account

On December 10, 2018, he suspected that his Roblox account was hacked.[1] The hacker also got into his alternative account known as TreePainter_B, where they changed his body color to red while wearing the BiggerHead. His fan group was transferred from his main account to TreePainter_B, and the hacker changed the group shout to "this group is too dead this is what u get Lego with CAPS L" for a short period of time. It is still unknown who hacked his accounts.


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  • Legobloxian has had 4 suspended Twitter accounts in the past. His first account, @bloxoflego, was suspended for unknown reasons. When he tried to appeal the account's suspension, it was denied and Twitter said his account will not be restored. His second account, @bloxianoflego, was suspended due to creating a new Twitter account after being suspended, which was against Twitter's terms of policy at the time. His third account, @legowasinnocent, was suspended for unknown reasons like his first account. Users on Twitter stated his account was banned by Xonnek, a Roblox YouTuber who Lego made many videos about. His fourth account, @legoboxian, was suspended for unknown reasons like his other accounts. Then, he created @legobloxian9000 and that was his current Twitter account, until its handle was likely changed.


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