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Lethal682, formerly lethalgraal, is a Roblox developer most known for his games Moon Tycoon and Two Player Heist Tycoon, published under his profile, and Kick Off, published under his group CM Games.

Moon Tycoon

Lethal682's first front page game was Moon Tycoon, which reached the front page of the popular section of the Games page sometime in mid-late November 2014. It was on the front page for a couple of weeks. The game's theme was you had to build a base on the moon and defend yourself from other players, and eventually reach earth. In the beginning, it had some glitches, but those glitches were fixed.

Moon Tycoon had a big update early November 2015 and reached the front page again immediately after. The update included new tycoons, new weapons and new objectives. Players now had to capture planets to receive credits, which could then be spent on in-game gear. This update was part of a promotion for Star Wars Blade Builders that Lethal682 participated in.

Wild West Tycoon

This was Lethal682's second game to reach the front page. It became front page the week after Christmas 2014. The theme of the game was that you were a cowboy in the Wild West, and you had to defend yourself from other players.

Two Player Heist Tycoon

This was Lethal682's third game he made and had reach the front page. Development on this game began in late April 2015, and the full version of the game was released in early May 2015. Shortly after being released, the game was front page for much of that month.

The game is Wild West based. You and a teammate have to build up your defenses, fight other teams, and defend your vault, while trying to capture money from other players' vaults, from enemies.

Kick Off

This was Lethal682's fourth game to reach the front page. Shortly after the beta in release in November 2015, it grew in popularity and hit the front page. Kick Off gained 1,000,000 visits within that month. The game is released as a group game under CM Games.

Kick Off is an arcade soccer based game which is different from the other soccer games. There are no rules and only two buttons to play the game, click and spacebar. The simplicity of Kick Off is how it gained so much popularity quickly. After short rounds of 4 minutes, players are put into a lobby where they can buy different goal celebrations and trick shots.

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