Disaster Master is a game created Locard. The game takes place in a 2D arena where the survivors are placed with a user called the Master, who controls the weather. For survivors, the objective of the game is to survive; meanwhile, the Master's objective is to kill all of the survivors. Money can be earned after each round to spend on cosmetics, upgrades, or new disasters.


The following interview was between Thundermaker300 and Locard, as part of the Developer Connections Project.

What was it like developing Disaster Master?
It was a learning experience. I finally decided to plant my foot down and make a game, and I ended up making a game that had a lot of fun attributes around destruction. The main goal of making the game was to make something that I can enjoy playing with my userbase.
What challenges did you have to overcome while developing? What was the most challenging?
The hard part about making games as a programmer is how much you have to think ahead. If you make a system that's based around hard code (code that needs to be modified in order to make a change) then you're going to run into issues further along the line when you want to add that new feature you've been thinking about. The most challenging thing for me at the time of making the game was latency on mobile devices. I ended up removing support for mobile devices altogether because the server waits for everyone to be "ready" in order to start the match. Some mobile players were holding up the server and also caused further issues, so I ended up not going with mobile at all.
What did you enjoy most while developing Disaster Master?
I really enjoyed seeing progress. If I get caught up with something for a while, I start to get demotivated. Luckily there's a lot of factors in a game that you can work on, so if you get hold up just work on something else and come back to it with a fresher mind!
Is there anything else you'd like to share?
Go play! I think it still works!


Before the round starts, the game randomly chooses a map and a player to be The Master. The Master is determined by tokens, the factor of choosing the The Master. The more tokens you have, the more chance you'll have of being The Master. It is obtained by participating in rounds as a survivor.

The survivors spawn onto the map and are given a brief intermission to prepare. The survivor is also given a button to respawn onto the map in that brief intermission in case the survivors. After that brief intermission, The Master can use their set consisting of five different disasters to attempt to kill the survivors.

For The Master, the disasters can be powered up. When choosing a disaster, you are given a spinner. To spin the spinner, you must hold the left mouse button and rotate your mouse in a circle. The faster you spin, the more powerful the disaster will be. This can upgrade some factors such as range, quantity, damage, or duration. However, using a disaster uses up consumption.

Before a disaster occurs, a live broadcast occurs stating what disaster will happen.


The survivors win if The Master:

  • does not successfully kill all of the survivors
  • has left the game
  • has run out of consumption to use.

The Master wins if all of the survivors die.