The Mad Murderer, (officially abbreviated as TMM), is a horror made by loleris. It first gained popularity in April 2014. Like Nikilis' Murder Mystery and CloneTrooper1019's Murder, it is based on the popular Garry's Mod game mode Murder.

Around late 2015 to early 2016, the game's popularity started to decline. Because of this, the game Mad Games was released, and TMM is about to be replaced by TMM2.


The gameplay of The Mad Murderer is quite similar to Nikilis and CloneTrooper1019's rendition of the Murder game in that the murderer's objective is to kill all of the innocents in this game as fast as possible using a knife before the time runs out, while avoiding the sheriff, who can kill him/her using the revolver. However, TMM also differs slightly from the aforementioned games, with the innocents and the murderer being designated into characters with a fixed outfit and first name, such as Nick, who wears the I'll Have Another hat, rather than a simple torso or shirt which shows a color to designate the player. Additionally, the murderer can use abilities to aid in fulfilling his/her goal. The round system is different from Murder Mystery, with no map-picking by vote; instead, maps are chosen randomly. Most maps in this game are typically small-medium-sized, with most of the area exposed to provide a slight advantage to the murderer, yet allowing winning by the murderer running out of time trying to find a hiding innocent possible. The max players on this game is currently 16 (1 sheriff, 1 murderer and 14 innocents at most), unlike the 12 player count from Nikilis'.

At the beginning of the game, all players present will spawn into the map. They will be notified of their role after spawning, with the sheriff beginning with a revolver in his/her inventory and the murderer being notified of receiving his/her knife in 10 seconds before the start of the game. The murderer has 90 seconds from when (s)he is allowed to pull out the knife in his/her inventory to slay all players in the game, with 10 seconds added for each person the murderer kills, with the maximum time accumulated at once being 100 seconds.

The game ends when the time runs out with innocents still alive, resulting in a victory for the surviving innocents, the sheriff kills the murderer, at which case it also results in the innocents' victory, or the murderer completes his/her objective of slaying everyone in the round. 5 points are provided to surviving innocents upon winning, with an additional 3 points to the current sheriff, bringing the total points for the sheriff up to 8. The murderer can earn up to 18 points upon killing all players, which depends on the amount of innocents in the round, but only earns either 0 or 1 points upon dying/running out of time, depending on the amount of innocents the murderer has killed. These points earned from winning count toward leveling up for the credit allowance upon logging in, with the starting amount being 30 credits and adding 3 more per level reached.

An update on August 18, 2014, has added a Murderer Madness game mode in addition to the regular Murder game mode, where every player in the round receives a knife alongside any murderer ability that is chosen by the player, assuming (s)he has enough credits for it. However, identifier and shapeshifter cannot be used during the round, as identifier is useless without a sheriff present in the game and there is no point in disguising as another character when everyone has a knife. The last player standing in the round earns up to 36 points depending on the amount of players in the round. This special gamemode typically occurs every 2-4 normal rounds.

Both the sheriff and murderer can put away their weapons (a revolver and a knife, respectively) by deselecting it, which can help to disguise among the crowd of innocents. The murderer, when wielding the knife, moves faster than the innocents, providing an advantage to the murderer in chasing them down and killing them. (S)he is not limited to just melee with the knife; the knife can also be thrown by holding the left mouse button and releasing it, with the longer time held ensuring a longer and more accurate travel of the knife. After throwing it, the murderer has a cooldown of taking out the knife again and can be thrown again, meaning that (s)he has an infinite number of knives to throw. With the Fury ability, as the murderer kills more players with the throwing knife without missing or using melee, the cooldown time for it will become faster. The sheriff, on the other hand, has a revolver that can kill the murderer in at least one accurate shot, but only one bullet is loaded at a time, meaning that the gun must be reloaded every shot and since it takes four seconds to reload, it should count, as the murderer can instantly kill the sheriff just like an innocent in one slice. To compensate, just like the murderer, the sheriff has an infinite amount of bullets in reserve, allowing for a chance to slay the murderer. Also, when the sheriff dies, (s)he drops the revolver, allowing other innocents to have a chance of picking it up and trying to shoot at the murderer.

By default, the murderer starts with the Identifier ability, which allows the murderer to identify a maximum of 3 players for their sheriff status, which helps the murderer to slay the sheriff and prevent innocents from taking his/her revolver and killing him/herself. However, the player can use credits that (s)he receives from joining the game every 12 hours for different abilities for one round when it is the player's turn to become the murderer. These include Bulletproof, which costs for 12 credits per round or 500 to permanently keep, and allows the murderer to stay alive after being shot once, and explosive knife, which costs for a whopping 500 credits per round and provides throwing knives a chance to explode upon killing an innocent, which can help kill any nearby innocents caught in the explosion. 

The shop provides a place for players to spend their credits from an allowance from joining the game or in-game purchases with Robux on abilities and knife textures for the murderer and fun gears for both innocents and murderers. Textures that can be bought include those themed after the flag of the United States of America (Patriot), which costs for 10 credits per round and 500 to unlock permanently, and the Doge meme (Dogger), which costs for 20 credits per round and 6,666 credits to permanently unlock. Gears that can be used by innocents for one round include a jar of radioactive particles, which cost for 50 credits per round, a Noob sign, which costs for 20 credits per round and 1,337 to permanently keep, and a radio, which costs for 500 (formerly 1,000) credits per round and is available to keep forever for 700 Robux.


The game started with 24 unique personas, accumulating to a total of 40 after the summer updates that added 16 new characters over time. These are the characters along with their appearance that the player may randomly be identified as:


Name Resemblance Hair Accessory 1 Accessory 2 Shirt Pants Face Remarks
Tom loleris Pointy Boy Hair Stunna Shades Black Jacket & Cyan Blue Hoodie Kestrel-Black Business Pants Huh=
Tony Beautiful Brown Hair for Beautiful People Blue Adidas Hoodie Jeans Shiny Teeth
Paul Beautiful Brown Hair for Beautiful People Nerd Glasses White shirt with blue jacket Light Blue Jeans Skeptic
Harry Tomarty Dominus Empyreus Gray sweater Black Pants Woman Face (You can't see it due to his head is invisible.) No head when hat get dropped.
Rick Dominus Aureus Business Suit Golden Shiny Teeth
Adam Shade Samurai Ninja Mask of Shadows Samurai Outfit :]
Fred Chris046 (Close Resemblance) Normal Hair DC Sweater DC Jeans Awkward....
Jen Golden Hair Bunny Ears I <3 Mustache shirt Dark Jeans :3
Julie Cinnamon Hair Canadian Beanie Nerd Glasses


Striped Shirt

Light Ripped Jeans Mr. Chuckles Often paired with Dennis
Sarah Golden Hair Sparkle Time Bunny Ears Nerd Glasses White Tank Top Gray Pants :P
Susan  America's Sweetheart Hollywood Shutter Shades Open blue-and-green plaid shirt with a black shirt Jeans Default Face
Kevin Beautiful Hair for Beautiful People Steampunk Headphones Bluesteel shades Blue plaid shirt with a black long-sleeved shirt Black Jeans Skeptic
David Taymaster Sparkle Time Fedora (not hair)  Clockwork's Headphones Clockwork's Shades  Blue plaid shirt Pants Shiny Teeth Removed
Frank Perfectly Legitimate Business Hat Ice Cold Stunnas Black Plaid Jacket Pants Sunglasses
Martin Sparkle Time Fedora Golden Suit Golden Shiny Teeth
Mike Normal Boy Hair style="text-align:center;"Black Suit Skeptic
Billy  Plain Leather Military Cap Black Jacket Jeans  I Hate Noobs
Jimmy Great Hair Day Eyepatch  White suit with a green undershirt Sigmund
Dennis Sk9r Boi Red sweater Dark pants Heeeeeey.. Often Paired with Julie
Peter Shaggy Hair Lab coat and dark pants Joyous Surprise
Jack Fro 80S Superstar Hair Ice Cold Stunnas White pants Daring Beard
Luis Charming Brown-haired fellow Midnight Shades Gray diamond Minecraft-style tank top  Gray jeans Skeptic
Nick I'll Have Another YOLO Shirt Blue jeans Stare
Gordon Gordon Freeman(Half-life) HEV Suit Stare
Name Resemblance Hair Accessory 1  Accessory 2 Shirt Pants Face Remarks
1st Summer Update



Golden Hair Buddy Baseball Cap Grey and Black Top Grey sweatpants and Tan boots I didn't eat that cookie face Nope,she's not blind
Ben PlaceRebuilder Green Infidel Castor Hat Ice Cold Stunnas Crimson Winter Scarf White short-sleeved Collar Shirt and a Loose red tie Black Pants and White sneakers Shiny Teeth
2nd Summer Update
Duke Auburn Scene Hair Secret Agent Shades Blue T-shirt Jeans Normal face
Summer Honey Blonde Ponytail Nerd Glasses Gray tank top Light Blue Jeans Mr.Chuckles
Flinn JaggedDiamond Shaggy Sk9r Boi Gray and black hooodie Pants Skeptic
John Beautiful people Gray T-shirt Jeans :D
Axel Aiden Pearce Deluxe Bandit Mask KRE-O Battleship Hopper Brown Trench Coat Brown Pants Check It
Eliah Crimson Sunglasses White T-shirt and red jacket Black Chain Pants and blue sneakers -insert info here-
Ralph Black Jacket Blue Jeans Awkward.... Removed(want to know why?Click here )
Anna JaggedDiamond Black and Red Sk9r Boi(Retextured) Shutter Shades Silver Shirt with bracelets Checkered Shorts Default Her face was originally supposed to be Mr.Chuckles
                           3rd Summer Update


  • Kat
  • Greg (removed)
  • Jonas (removed)
  • Maisy
  • Francis
  • Otto
  • Chris (removed)
  • Cliff
  • Steve
  • Lee
  • Rita
  • Charlie (removed)
  • Joseph (removed)
  • Red
  • Dave- Resembles the character Dave Strider from the webcomic Homestuck
  • Walt
  • Fabio
  • David (removed)


Maps are usually tend to be filled with various furniture,helping the innocents hide from the murderer.These are the maps the game offers(some are unavailable):

Maps Info Remarks
Library made by keiisahobo1 Still in use
High School made by ZacAttackk Still in use
Original Office made by Narutoworl

Still in use (Can be

accessed via the Secret Lobby)

House made by keiisahobo1 Still in use
Shopping Plaza made by OfficialAndrew Still in use
The Mines made by OfficialAndrew Still in use
Murkoff Corporation made by notschool123 Still in use
The Office made by aknightgrunt Still in use


The game has garnered mixed-to-positive reviews from the Roblox community.

A few days after The Mad Murderer's initial release, Clonetrooper1019 and Nikilis were disappointed in loleris because of his lack of originality. Clone poked at this thought comically and in a playful matter by the unveil of an advertisement showing Clone himself portrayed as The Joker from the popular Batman franchise with Nikilis standing behind him. Clone sarcastically comments, "First, we kill loleris..." There is also another advertisement made by popular Roblox artist MechaWaffle in which all three argue over which one of their games is the best with GMod creator Garry Newman watching them. In the ad, Nikilis complains, "I made mine first!" and Clonetrooper also screams with his arms flailing, "Well I put more effort into mine!" while loleris cheekily spouts, "umad bro?" toward Nikilis and "LOL umad?" to CloneTrooper1019, as a nod to Loleris stealing both of their fame with his version. Additionally, Garry Newman appears on the far right side of the advertisement, oblivious over the argument.

Debates have sprung up between algamated followers of each creator of the Murderer games, considering that maybe loleris' take on the popular Gmod gamemode is the best out of the three made on Roblox. Opponents of loleris' game poke and prod at it, finding glitches or distasteful reasons to hate the game.

In spite of the hate from copying the two aforementioned games, loleris' The Mad Murderer has accumulated nearly 35,000 likes, with around 87.5% of the ratings being positive. The updates in summer, which includes one that adds a new playable character named Ben (who was modelled after PlaceRebuilder's character) along with 2 new maps and an interactive radio which costs 500 credits per round and 700 Robux to keep permanently. 14 more characters were also added, including Axel, who is modelled after the protagonist named Aiden Pearce from the 2014 open world action-adventure game WATCH_DOGS and an admiral character named Nemo, and the ability to permanently keep an item in the shop without paying credits per round at a steeper cost in a July 31 update, have been implemented to keep and amplify the popularity. 

The Mad Murderer tends to be prone to exploits, which adds to the negative reception the game received. These include exploiters altering a server such that the actual game is unplayable and players using godmode and/or speedhacks to gain an advantage in the game, especially in the role of sheriff and murderer.


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  • Current thumbnail pictures are typically depicted with a background taken from a map from the 2007 multiplayer first person shooter Team Fortress 2, characters in The Mad Murderer, and 3 hashtags in separate red, yellow, and green colors describing the comical situation that they are involved in. These include Tom leaning on the bed in a room similar to that found in the Meet the Medic¬†video, looking¬†scared of Chazz holding the Surgeon Knife, with the hashtags #ARCHIMEDES, #MEETTHEMEDIC, and #IATROPHOBIA plastered onto the picture. More recent thumbnail pictures include The Mad Murderer characters in Garry's Mod maps that features a murderer.
  • The Daily Credits, The You're are..., The Innocents Win, and The Murderer Wins sound effects are all sourced from the opening theme of the 1973 film Magnum Force, which was composed by Lalo Schifrin.
  • The character Lara is teased in a thumbnail picture with her hiding behind Nemo with #COWARD above her while Nick is standing behind her with his knife. Lara is later seen in another thumbnail picture with her stabbed in the back in the air by Adriel, with the hashtag #NICECATCH above her.
  • If the round ends while spectating, the player's camera will not return to its character until the round begins. It's unknown if loleris will fix this.
  • Murkoff corporation was based on the game Outlast, where in Walrider is the main antagonist
  • The chat has been disabled, probably due to teamers.
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