RBLXLucky (formerly Luckymaxer) was a Roblox administrator who joined on August 10, 2008. He was terminated on an unknown date in 2017. He also worked on scripting and fixing gears from late 2014 to early 2017 and also coded the Egg Hunt 2016: Eggcellent Adventure event game.


RBLXLucky was terminated for making inappropriate hats from the Bunny Ears 2017 with module scripts, which were modified without having to update items on the avatar shop, allowing him to have perks that a regular player wouldn't have in nearly every game that supported accessories.[citation needed]

Despite his termination, his account was later reopened under the name of RBLXLucky. Almost every limited item on his account was moved/sold to other accounts. The most iconic one is serial #1 of the Dominus Frigidus, which was given/traded to (and still currently owned by) bIazies.


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  • The administrator that fired him from his position was TheGamer101.
  • When his account was reopened under RBLXLucky, he did not have the Administrator badge on his profile anymore. 
  • He won a ROBLOX Tablet back in 2012. A full list of the winners can be found here. The tablet today is still in the inventory from one of his alternate accounts.
    • He is the only original owner of one of the tablets to be terminated.
  • Some popular gears that he was notable for creating were Attack Doge, Big Hero 6 Baymax, and Beast Boy.
  • When his account reopened, Roblox presumably gave the name "Luckymaxer" to a terminated default avatar test account.
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