MSE6 was a super moderator on Roblox known for controversies surrounding her moderation. She primarily focused on the moderation of the Off-Topic and ROBLOX Talk subforms. MasterChiefAlpha, a coworker of MSE6, joked that "MSE6 is actually a highly advanced search-and-destroy cyborg."

MSE6 has used a number of different usernames in the past, but has always reverted back to "MSE6". One of the usernames includes "B0TM0D", which may be a reference to accusations claiming she is, in fact, a bot.


Many users of Off-Topic and Roblox Talk have recognized MSE6 as an abusive moderator. Users have claimed that she often abused her moderation abilities by banning users without reason or for an inappropriately long amount of time. The Roblox community often targeted her as the reason for Roblox's high amount of unfair bans at the time.

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