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The Mimic is a survival horror Roblox game developed by MUCDICH alone until the developer team was built around June 2021, which consist of CactusHasDied, JustYourKarma, and Sythivo.


Book 1 story follows a former high school student named Yasu who goes back to their old high school in search of their friends. The Witch Trials story follows a girl, which woke up into a forest. Eventually, the characters ventures into the depths of mysterious worlds. There are going to be approximately four books and extra "Gamemodes" like The Witch Trials and The Halloween Trials, each likely featuring at least four chapters and one beast to be the main antagonist, along with many others.


The game is locked in first person and is generally cast in black shadows and dark ambience, making it difficult for the player to see what is in the distance. The general gameplay involves many mazes, each becoming more harder as the monsters become faster.

Many sections of the game involve a stamina bar. This stamina is used when players run by pressing shift. The stamina bar recharges fairly quickly. There are parts of the game where stamina is not given, and instead the player must use strategy and right timing to get the necessary items to escape; this format is used in the beginning of chapter 2 and chapter 4.

To advance to different chapters, the player must find different items to unlock parts of the maps. There are keys, levers, butterfly spirits, valid codes to open and walk forward to complete the chapters.

As the monsters are extremely fast, the game uses audio cues as a way for the player to locate where they are and to escape from them. To know when they are coming, the player hears stomping, heartbeats and humming.

Monster Names List


  • Hiachi - "The Lady", White Dress and Pink Hat Lady
  • Shizu - The Statues
  • Biwaki - Lady playing the Biwu
  • Kuriko - Crawling lady in the hotel


  • Megumi- Stretching Neck Lady at the library
  • Kusonoki Masashige - The Samurai, great grandfather
  • Shaku - Hospital Doll, Giggling Lady.
  • Sama - The Witch, Fast Loud Heels Lady, The Control Demon


  • Tato/Kaito - black hat man, "Michael Jackson"
  • Mihari - Woman with cut mouth, “Camper Musty”
  • Omukade (Sama's Form) - Centipede form of Sama


  • Tokito - Wooden Mannequins, weeping angels
  • Daku- The Chained Up Suit Man, The Father of Yasu
  • Keiko - The Chained Up White Dress Woman, The Mother of Yasu
  • Kusonoki Masashige - The Samurai, great grandfather
  • Saigomo - Spider form of Sama


  • The Fleshbags - The 4 crawling monsters
  • Kazeko - Tall Lady
  • Hanzu - Teke Teke, Crawling Skeleton
  • Futaomote - Skeleton Ladies


  • Nagemi - "T-Pose freak"
  • Taiyo - "Mihari + Keiko + Yuma"
  • Kabocha - Skeleton pumpkin

DEATH'S CHALLENGE(Secret Halloween event)

  • Shiniachi - Emo Hiachi, Controlled Hiachi
  • Aka Manto - Toilet ghost, "Red or blue?"
  • Shinigami - Fallen king, The Grim Reaper


  • Enzukai/Jealousy - Oni mask woman, demon of Jealousy
  • Futakuchi-onna (Unconfirmed name) - Woman with two mouths
  • Nure-Onna (Unconfirmed name) - Serpent with hair
  • Ohaguro Bettari (Unconfirmed name) - No face, only-Mouth lady in white kimono
  • Tenome (Unconfirmed name) - Eye arm man in thummbnail
  • Harionago (Unconfirmed name) - Tentacle hair creature
  • Yuma/Rebirth - Rebirth demon, not scary woman
  • Netamo/Rage - Rage demon, "Kuriko 2.0"
  • Evil God - Creator of four beasts, hands
  • MC 2 - Book 2 MC


  • Yasu Masashige- Book 1 MC
  • Juno Masashige- TWT MC + Cousin of Yasu Masashige
  • MC 2 - Book 2 Mc