madattak is a famous Roblox user known for creating the game Innovation Research Labs and the game Innovation Arctic Base. He is the founder and current owner of Innovation Inc. He created the Plane Crazy game, which is now in beta.

Notable Games

Madattak has been known for creating Innovation Labs, Innovation Arctic Base, and Plane Crazy. 

Innovation Labs

Innovation Labs is an underground science-reseach facility that is located in an desert. The game is focused on gentics, food, hovercars, coffee, cloning, various field of testing Zero-G, and other science-y testing. This game is madattak's most visited game with over 25 million visits.

Innovation Arctic Base

Innovation Arctic Base is a sequel to Innovation Labs, it is built by Rolijok and programmed by madattak entirely. In this game, players can experiment around the labs or patrol the labs. Players can also claim their own plot, when claimed, players can place upgrades that is purchased from the in-game store. The game is the 2nd most visited game made by madattak and Rolijok with over 15 million visits. 

Plane Crazy

Plane Crazy is a game that is currently developed by rickje139 , and an original game by madattak. Players can build their own cars, planes, boats, rockets, drones, or any type of vechicle. The game features both a pvp mode for fighting and non-pvp mode for peaceful building. With over 6 million visits, it is madattak's 2nd most visited game.


In Azure Mines, when you buy the Research Building, it shows a scientist working with items used in science fiction. This scientist strongly resembles madattak.

Henry, an unlockable character in "Mad Paintball" strongly resembles Madattak.

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