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This game is an Innovation Inc game. The wiki for this game is here.

Currently developed by rickje139, original game by madattak. Build your own crazy vehicles, planes, car, boats, rockets, drones, trains, or a combination of all of them! Features both a pvp and none pvp mode for peaceful building or facing off with your friends! This game simulates physics and aerodynamics.

Admins: madattak, Rolijok, rickje139

When building a plane, the yellow would be the mass, and the blue is the lift. Too low lift will means it cannot fly. For perfect flight, the yellow and blue circles should be overlapping. It is possible to fly a plane without them overlapping.

The Max Players for a server is 10.

VIP Servers cost R$10, and the owner can choose wether to have PVP enabled or disabled. They can only disable PVP when they are in a vehicle.

Upon joining, the player is spawned at a random base plot. When the player joins for the first time, they are greeted by the tutorial, which is optional and can be closed. The tutorial shows the player how to get started, and shows them how to build a basic plane. It also gives helpful information. 

The game offers multiple places at which you can spawn your vehicle. You can spawn at your base, the water, the airport, or the rails. Where you spawn can be changed in settings in the bottom right corner.

The player has 21 save slots they can save their vehicles to, which can be accessed by clicking the save icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. The max save data is 260.000.

Player Creations:

Below is a table of all the parts players can use to build vehicles. These parts are not infinite, and have a limit, which is mostly 1500. 

Type of Block


Beam 1x4 2000
Beam 1x7 2000
Block 2000
Block 1x0.9


Paint Block 2000
Type of Wedge Limit
Corner Wedge 2000
Half Wedge 2000
Inner Wedge


Pyramid Wedge 2000
Triangle Wedge


Wedge 2000
Wedge 1x2 2000
Wedge 1x3 2000
Wedge 1x4 2000
Wedge Beam 2000
Type of Wedges2 Limit

LCorner Wedge


LCorner Wedge 1x3 2000
RCorner Wedge


RCorner Wedge 1x3 2000
Round Wedge In 2000
Round Wedge Out 2000
Triangle Wedge 1x2 2000
Triangle Wedge 1x3 2000
Triangle Wedge 1x4


Triangle WedgeBlock 2000
Triangle WedgeBlock 1x2


Triangle WedgeBlock 1x3

Triangle WedgeBlock 1x4 2000
Helium Blocks
Type of Helium Block Limit
Helium Beam 1x4 2000
Helium Block  2000
Type of Light Limit
Half Light Block 2000
Light 2000
SpotLight 2000
Wing Light 2000
Type of Ball LImit
Ball 2000
Ball 2x2 2000
Ball 3x3 2000
Type of Cylinder Limit
Cylinder 2000
Cylinder 2x2 2000`
Cylinder 3x3 2000
Cylinder 5x5 2000
Cylinder2 2x2


Half Cylinder 2000
Half Cylinder 2x2 2000
Half Cylinder 3x3 2000
Half Cylinder 5x5 2000
Half Cylinder2 2x2 2000

Wing Panels
Type of Wing Panel Limit
Wing Panel 1x1 2000
Wing Panel 1x2 2000
Wing Panel 1x3 2000
Wing Panel 1x4 2000

Delta Wings
Type of Delta  Limit
Delta Wing 1x1 2000
Delta Wing 1x2 2000
Delta Wing 1x3


Delta Wing 1x4 2000

Control Surfaces
Type of Control Surface Limit
Control Surface 1x1 2000
Control Surface 1x2 2000
Delta Control Surface 1x2 2000

Jet Engines
Type of Jet Engine Limit
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