Pilgrim Islands Reborn was a building game with roleplaying aspects created by the user Maelstronomer. It was the most popular game created by this user, with over 4.5 million place visits. The second most visited is Super Blocky Ball. It was put under review in 2017 for a conversion to become a Filtering-Enabled game. However, during that time Maelstronomer gave up and put the source code on Roblox.


Pilgrim Islands Reborn, or more commonly known as PIR, is a building game with a large roleplaying aspect. The game's motto is "Build, Roleplay, Fight!" which is the three characteristics of the game. Many players choose to build in PIR. Other players roleplay with the builders. The third category of player is fighter. This refers to players who roleplay and build with PvP turn on. After the How to Train Your Dragon Event, the amount of PvPers rapidly decline. PvP is making a steady comeback as of October 2016. PIR has 8 main islands. These islands include the factions of Mainland, Highland, Farland, Sealand, Dryland, Underland, Wasteland, and Marshland. 



Mainland is a grassy, temperate island with a large river that runs through it. It is commonly known as the most populated faction in the majority of servers. 



Highland is a hilly/ mountainous region of the Pilgrim Islands. It is well known for its birch trees, and scenic caves.



Sealand is an island region of the Pilgrim Islands. It is covered with palm trees and sandy beaches. It is one of the few places in the Pilgrim Islands to host terrain water. Sealand has a waterfall and is famous for having Fortress Island, modeled after Return to Forsaken Fortress, part of the Zelda series.



Farland is by far the coldest region of the Pilgrim Islands. It is covered completely in snow. It is best known for hosting the glaciers, an ice sheet in the northernmost part of PIR. Pine trees dot the coast of Farland. Farland also has a volcano which has lava that kills players if they touch it. Snow occasionally hits Farland, and blizzards are common.



Underland is a jungle region in the Pilgrim Islands. It has very dense forests and the largest cave system in PIR. Many caves are accessible through small holes, but some are not connected at all. Underland boasts the highest peak in PIR with a mountain that reaches 188 studs tall. Underland is also best known for its humongous tree that towers over the rest of the island.



Dryland is by far the driest and hottest region of the Pilgrim Islands. Cactuses flourish in the landscape of Dryland. Dryland is best known for its canyons. Dryland boasts the largest deposit of terrain water, including a river of terrain water, a waterfall, a small lake, and an oasis. Dryland has terrain like no other island, with sand dunes and red sandstone. Sand storms occasionally hit the island.



Marshland is the biggest island in the Pilgrim Islands. It is well known for its marshy environment. It also has the deepest ravine in the Pilgrim Islands, and the largest lake.



Wasteland is one of the most dangerous, if not the most dangerous landscapes in the Pilgrim Islands. It is covered in small volcanic openings with deadly lava. Stepping on the lava instantly kills the player. Dead bushes and trees dot the landscape, and ash storms from the volcanoes occasionally happen.

Brief History

Pilgrim Islands Reborn was released in 2013 but gained popularity in 2014. Most of the veterans of the game are from early 2014. The game gained a cult following from a handful of players and reigned true until the HTTYD Event in mid-2015. After the HTTYD Event, many veteran players left after feeling that the community no longer was as "close". The HTTYD Event boosted the number of daily visitors PIR received and added the fly tool to the game, which made building easier but inevitably destroyed the PvP aspect of the game. Before rotate and group tool, many builds were simpler. After these tools were implemented in early 2015, builds became more complex and detailed. 

Notable Builders

PIR has some very notable builders, some of which you won't find anywhere else in ROBLOX. These players are considered some of the very best in PIR (the list is not listed in any ranking sort of way):

Anename, QdoggyKun, CorinthianFolds, Helvius, MrStylo, Danny24404rockz, despicableZombie, ScorpioSyndrome, PsiTwoson, Oloff (Game's Thumbnail), bryguy098, noobnoodleguy, Equiinoxy, spencer588, Wiztoffel, TheGermanEngineer, condor_benedict, xXCannibalChloeXx, JoelHayden, Imortal2100, jakesantana, Irenne, Herlighet, Gift3600, DaneelOlivaw, chopchop9876. CaptainRackham, bobtour, Vandilism, apiloko, BloodFoxGaming, TRYToevolve, HalfPinky456, Zarathaen, TaoEmpire12, animallover1123, TheCommanderofDeath, GeneralMickey, and doomknight1234.

Easter Eggs

The game is full of easter eggs. A lot of the islands are based on old Zelda games. Before music was removed in an October 2016 update, all the music was from Legend of Zelda games, with a lot of the islands being based on places in the game, most notably Fortress Island in Sealand. Maelstronomer has also left many of his own easter eggs which can be discovered throughout the map. 

Controls/ Tools

E - Open Save/Load Menu

M - Open Messages

N - Mute Nature Sounds

Q- Spawn Bricks

T - Torch

Z - Admin commands (Reserved for Admins and Private server owners only)

1 - Copy Tool

2 - Move Tool

3 - Resize Tool

4 - Paint Tool 

5 - Traits Tool

6 - Delete Tool

7 - Rotate Tool 

8 - Group Tool

9 - Sword (default)

0 -Flintlock (default)

Other tools/ controls can be found on the left-hand side of the screen. 


Pilgrim Islands Reborn has a minute system which counts how many minutes you have. There are 4 badges contributed to this. The 100 Minute Badge is earned after spending 100 minutes in one server. The 1,000 Minute Badge is earned after spending 1,000 minutes in-game. The 10,000 Minute Badge is earned after spending 10,000 minutes in-game. The rarest badge, the 100,000 Minute Badge is earned after spending 100,000 minutes in-game, and as of 11/13/16, only 2 people have it, CorinthianFolds, and Danny24404Rockz. Due to massive minute loss, many other notable players have reached the milestone of 100k but lost their minutes before the badge was created. Players like Anename, QdoggyKun, and Wiztoffel, are some of those few. (Though there is a rumor that Maelstronomer gave away the 100k minute badge to certain players)

Data Corruption

With any building game that has a save/load feature, data corruption is a problem. Although rare, data corruption can ruin a players day. A player should always keep two or more files of important saves. Data corruption occurs when the players save while the data servers are broken. This can be fixed if the player has a backup or two


Lighthouse built by Danny24404rockz. Corrupted version on the left.

Game Shutdown and Similar Games

Pilgrim Islands Reborn was shut down around June 2017, and since then has no hope of reopening. The game itself was outdated compared to other building games. Maelstronomer released an uncopylocked version of the game, and since then many copies have come into existence. The copies have been decently popular, but have faced a downfall due to admin abuse and overall poor management. Most notably, in this case, is Peasant inc PIR with its owner who regularly hacks the servers when he's on for fun. Other building game, like Little Islands and Aethalfos: Realm of the Divine have seen a boost in the player count since the end of PIR. Little Islands is one of the newest original building games created by Scribels, is regularly updated, and consists of a community built up of mostly former PIR players. The developers of Little Islands are also former PIR admins, and many of the players are former PIR veterans. Aethalfos is a very old building game that predates Pilgrim Islands Reborn. It saw a renewal process in Summer 2017, but since then has not been regularly updated. Aethalfos, commonly known as BRF, has a very large map and advanced handmade building tools. 

Link to Little Islands:

Link to Aethalfos: Realm of the Divines:

Link to the uncopylocked version of the game:

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