Makkapakka3 was an infamous user who is commonly associated with the rise of exploiting in 2011.

He often ran adverts about himself and spammed the ad system several times. In 2014, he bid 2,000,000 Tickets total on ads, and 98% of the adverts shown on the site were his alone.[citation needed]

Makkapakka3 was a forum troller. He owned the group The Mak Kingdom (shortened as MAK). He indoctrinated his ideologies into the minds of his followers (Sporo branded them 'blind, stumbling 'zombies').[citation needed]


He was terminated due to his abuse of the ad system and his teachings on how to hack/exploit. His termination date is unknown.


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  • His nicknames included The Mak and Papa 'Pakka.
  • He ran an exploiting school during his time on Roblox.
  • He created a badge where players had to meet him. Only 317 people got the badge, and it later became unobtainable due to his termination.
  • He sold a gold model of himself for Robux and received a 2 week ban.
  • He made square badges for free, collaborating with the users Sporo and Aerodragon.
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