Ro-Bio was a scientific experimentation game created by MemeNicoi on July 18, 2018. It was content deleted by Roblox on July 30, 2018, subsequently replaced with Ro-Bio 2 on August 2, 2018 (which was taken under review), and now serves as a redirect to the currently playable third version known as Ro-Chanics.



Upon joining the game, players would spawn in as a scientist with randomized features. They would be equipped with two syringes, one for injecting test subjects with viruses and the other for extracting blood from them, as well as a coffee mug which could be filled with coffee in the Research Lab. After spawning in, players could go to the Virus Block (located on the left), Test Block (located between the Virus Block and Research Lab) and finally the Research Lab (located on the right). To go through a door, players could simply click on it to open.

Virus Block

The Virus Block was the first location that scientists had to enter. It contained four basic viruses known as Argonella, Necromella, Organella and Kamelia, as well as a special healing virus and a custom virus machine. The four main viruses also had signs displaying whether they were toxic or explosive, the healing virus would restore health when a test subject was injected and custom viruses had varying effects depending on their color. Viruses were gathered by clicking on the sample where applicable, and scientists could only carry one in their syringe at a time.

Test Block

The Test Block was the second location that scientists had to enter, and this was where they could begin the experimentation part of the game. This block contained 3 similar containment cells, all of which had their own control panel and sliding door.

By using the control panel, a scientist could spawn in a human test subject (also referred to as a 'patient') and enter the cell in order to inject them with the virus stored in their primary syringe. Each time a scientist injected a patient, their health would decrease by 5 and the syringe would become stuck to them.

As a patient was injected with more viruses, they would gradually develop symptoms that would be indicated with sounds or visual effects. Loud groaning and heavy panting were the usual sounds that scientists would hear, as well as visual effects that included uncontrollable vomiting, changing skin color, becoming lethal to make contact with and even exploding. At this point, scientists could use their second syringe to extract the contaminated blood from the patient in order to research.

To get rid of a test subject in order to make room for a new one (the limit was 1 human at a time in each cell), scientists could click on the 'Recycle Human' button on the control panel to release noxious gas into the cell which gradually killed the human. However, if a scientist who was not wearing a gas mask was also in the cell when the gas was released, then they too would gradually die. Test subjects could also be suspended by clicking the 'Rope Human' button on the control panel, and released with another click.

Research Lab

Finally, the Research Lab is where contaminated blood samples could be taken in order to discover new strains of viruses.

Scientists would first be directed to the Blood Extractor, where they could input their sample in order to filter out the blood and leave the virus behind as a product. This virus could then be placed into the Virus Separator on the opposite side of the room, where it would be separated to produce three unique viruses. Finally, a separated virus could be taken back to the Test Block for further testing or stored either in the Public Storage or in a scientist's private Locker (which would hold up to 4 or 13 viruses depending on whether the user had the Big Locker gamepass or not). Any virus could be duplicated using the Virus Duplicator, which would take one virus as an input and produce two copies of it.

Deletion and Revival


Developer Relations email

Ro-Bio was struck with a content deletion on July 30, 2018. It was initially suspected that this was due to the game's controversial themes, particularly that it portrayed unethical human experimentation in a comical manner and was essentially a simulator of the aforementioned act.

An email sent to MemeNicoi after inquiring about its deletion revealed that the game was taken down for depicting death by hanging as well as gassing related to the holocaust, and in response, Nicoi soon announced that he was creating a remake which would omit these issues in order for the game to be able to comply with Community Guidelines.

Several players had remade this game, only for these to get struck with yet another content deletion too.

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