Ro-Bio 2 was a scientific experimentation game created by MemeNicoi. It is a remake of the original Ro-Bio, with certain features watered-down in order to make the game less disturbing. It is currently under review.


Ro-Bio 2 was a remake of the original game and as such followed exactly the same gameplay, however there were some tweaks made as a result of Roblox's reasons for deleting Ro-Bio:

Test Subjects

  • Now referred to as 'Inmates' instead of 'Humans', and wear orange overalls instead of white pajamas.
  • The 'Recycle Human' and 'Rope Human' buttons on the control panel were renamed to 'Remove Inmate' and 'Hold Inmate'.
  • Inmates do not make death threats or guilt trip players after being injected with certain viruses, instead opting for relatively light-hearted jokes.
  • Inmates are suspended from their shoulders instead of head when roped.
  • Inmates (and players) are killed using acid instead of gas.


  • The Gas Mask gamepass has been replaced with the Anti Acid Suit gamepass, which performs the same function of shielding the wearer from death when a cell is cleared.


  • Ro-Bio 2 has been placed under review on August 3rd, 2018. Nicoi had first confirmed that this was due to the SCP Foundation logos being displayed on the Inmates’ overalls, and later revealed that Roblox has deemed the entire concept as inappropriate due to human experimentation. This essentially implied that Ro-Bio will never be playable again.
    • Unlike the original version, however, Ro-Bio 2 has simply been placed under review rather than struck with a content deletion.


Ro bio space

Ro-Bio space's thumbnail

A 3rd version was announced shortly after Ro-Bio 2's closure, and can be found [here [1].