miked was a Roblox player and game developer. He is notable for being the creator of the games Ultimate Paintball and Minigame World. He also was one of the winners of the Homestead Furniture Making Contest, in January 2007. During the spring of 2007, he was the wealthiest user on Roblox, with exactly 3,246 Robux. Miked also was one of the 15 people to guess correctly on The Void Star Gift Box.


In 2007, Miked released Ultimate Paintball, and the game reached over 100,000 place visits during 2008. It was the place where the official 2007 Paintball Tournament was held.

As of July 2018, the game has accumulated over 4,500,000 place visits. In early 2009, Ultimate Paintball became the first place to accumulate over 1,000,000 visits. The game's high popularity allowed Ultimate Paintball to become the most favorited place during 2008 and 2009. As part of the April Fools' Day 2008 celebrations, Epic Ducks rained in Ultimate Paintball.

Another game Miked released in 2007 was Minigame World. This was one of the most popular minigame-themed places on Roblox at the time. Although his games now have barely any players in them, they are still remembered as important parts of Roblox history.


Miked's account was terminated on April 6, 2015 for being compromised. The user who compromised miked attempted to sell his Domino Crown on the forums before then.

Ultimate Paintball's current status

Ultimate Paintball has not had many players in years. It is also broken, as the walls that used to be in the arena have disappeared. The flags are also broken, as they make the player fall. The paintballs also shoot upward when shot.

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