Ultimate Paintball was a paintball game that was once the number one all-time most played place on ROBLOX. Created by miked; it was also the first game to reach 2 million visits on ROBLOX. Its main function was a paintball CTF game with two teams, Red and Blue. Paintball guns are the main weapon used, but a Rocket Launcher can also be found on the river behind the castles. However, in 2009 the #1 most popular place spot was taken by DrewsomeB's Heli-Wars: Desert Attack. Ever since the update on November 15, 2011, Ultimate Paintball continued to go further down the Most Popular list. It has been fairly broken for several years as of 2017, and is rarely played. Those who have been on ROBLOX long enough to have experienced this game in its functional years will likely acknowledge Ultimate Paintball as one of the greatest places of all time.

A newer paintball game, simply titled Paintball!, has surpassed Ultimate Paintball in place visits, becoming the most played paintball game on ROBLOX.

The ROBLOX studio file of Ultimate Paintball exists somewhere on the Internet. In the past, it allowed users to copy the game's code for themselves.


The game has a countinous string of rounds going on. Each round lasts 10 minutes, and players would try to obtain the most amount of points by killing other players, capturing the flag, or standing on the white patch in the middle of the field. At the end of each round, the team with the most points wins the round, and the top 3 scoring individuals for the round were given a shoutout at the end of each. The points were then reset, everyone would be respawned, and a new round would start.

Killing a player is worth 10 points, while dying makes you lose 4 points. Standing on the white patch in the middle gives you 2 points, and capturing the flag gives you points equal to (10*# of players on opponent team+ 6* # of players on your team).

Teamkilling a player on your team (excluding with a grenade) gave 8 points to the player you killed, and the teamkiller lost 8 points. Additionally, the teamkiller would be killed as well. In later versions of the game, teamkilling was no longer possible, unless a grenade or rocket launcher was used.  

If a player joins during the middle of the round, they would be placed on the team with fewer players.

Using the Paintball Gun

The Paintball Gun had several modes, which you can toggle between by clicking 'q'.

  • Standard mode is the default mode of any given gun. This lets you shoot paintball pellets quickly and had a decent range. Each bullet did 50 damage per body part hit.
  • Clicking 'q' once activated 'Sniper Mode', which shoots a one hit KO bullet that travels fairly straight. However, it had a long cooldown compared to Standard Mode
  • Clicking 'q' while in Sniper Mode activated 'Burst Mode', which shot a stream of 4 bullets consecutively. Like the Standard mode, each bullet did 50 damage per body part hit. However, the range was quite short, and was only useful when the opponent was in close proximity.
  • In an update, miked removed 'Burst Mode' and replaced it with 'Blast Mode', which shot 3 pellets at once in a shotgun-like fashion. This had a similar range to the Standard mode and each bullet did 50 damage per body part hit, but had a reload time 3x longer.
  •  Clicking 'q' while in Burst/Blast Mode returned the Paintball Gun into 'Standard Mode'
  • Clicking 'r' allowed you to launch a grenade. This grenade would explode upon Robloxian contact or after a set time. However, kills made by grenades did not count towards your total points. The grenade had a cooldown time longer than Sniper Mode.
  • In a later version of the game, clicking 'c' allowed you to perform a melee attack with the paintball gun. The melee attack was an one hit KO, and counted towards your kill.

In later versions of the game, a player could pick up paintball guns from opponents they killed.Having multiple guns let players use Sniper mode and grenades without having to worry about the cooldown.


  • The sniper mode is a good choice for engaging enemies from afar. Although the setting gives the gun high damage, which is useful for quickly taking out enemies, the slow rate of fire prevents this mode from being useful at close ranges.
  • Use the Blast setting for close-quarters combat or when groups of enemies appear. Though having a slightly slower rate of fire than the normal paintball mode, it allows the gun to shoot about 3 projectiles at once, making it good for controlling groups of enemies.
  • The normal fire mode is a great all-around mode, since its fast rate of fire and good damage can be useful in many situations, such as a fast-paced combat.
  • The melee and grenade were good choices to kill opponents behind a wall. Alternatively, the sniper and a long range classic shot could also travel a short distance behind a wall.
  • A missile launcher can randomly spawn in the river. It may be a good weapon for dealing with groups of enemies, but very slow reloading times and the possibility of a suicide if shot at an improper direction makes the weapon a rather poor choice for close-quarters combat.
  • Team chat is rather useful for working with teammates, since it can help communicate without the other team knowing the plan. Team chat can only be executed via normal chat by starting a normal sentence with %or /t and typing the desired message.
  • Pressing 'c' after you have been killed still activates melee and lets you kill players trying to pick up your gun.


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  • You could kill yourself with your own bullets. This would happen if the game was particulary laggy, or when using the river while in Burst mode. Additionally, chatting 'kill me' and 'suicide' also let you reset.
  • You could join either team in the middle of the round by chatting 'join reds' or 'join blues'
  • There was a glitch mode called 'Fast Blast', which could be entered by hitting 1qq immediately upon spawning. This let you shoot 3 bullets like the regular Blast mode, but had the cooldown time of Standard mode.
  • The white patch in the middle was not anchored. A paint grenade, rocket launcher explosion could loosen up the white patch and could be moved around by jumping on the white patch or by a well-placed paintball shot.
  • The game has a secret badge, but it is currently broken.
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