missmudmaam (also known as missmudman) is a clothing designer on the Roblox platform. Her clothing is featured in numerous notable games, including Royale High, Roblox High School 2, Fashion Famous, and Star Sorority. She was part of a short-lived clothing designer featuring project with the catalog, in which she created the Beautiful You Jeans and Pastel Starburst Top with Gray Jacket.

She has a clothing store game, ★ miss ★ missmudmaam ★ Homestore ★. It was part of Royale High's Easter 2019 and Halloween 2019 hunt events. She also creates and hosts other smaller clothing store featuring games to showcase other clothing designers, such as the Haunted Mansion - Designer Halloween Clothing showcase.

She is one of the Roblox Toys featured in the Celebrity Collection Series 5 Mystery Boxes. She has also designed clothing that is used on other Roblox Toys.[1]

She is a notable player within Royale High's community, including having their own badge in the game for when a player meets her.


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