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MisterObvious was an infamous Roblox animator who uploaded comedic skits to his YouTube channel. He earned a Bloxy Award in 2014 for his work on Awesome Robloxians.[1][2] Prior to leaving Roblox, he had a YouTube channel where he posted videos of his animations.[3] He owns the MisterObvious FanClub! group, a fan group for his YouTube channel.


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In 2017, a YouTube video uploaded by Ruben Sim accused MisterObvious of predatory behavior toward a 15-year-old girl on Discord. The video also included images from other girls who claimed MisterObvious sexually solicited them.[4] The video also mentions Ruben Sim filing a police report against MisterObvious, but it is unknown if an investigation was conducted or any charges were made against MisterObvious.

After the release of the YouTube video, a large portion of MisterObvious's fanbase left his group and unsubscribed from his YouTube channel. His Twitter account was made private and had its description changed to read "goodbye misterobvious" and "[filtered] you ejob and [filtered] I hope you both lie fufilling[sic] lives knowing you've ruined people's lives."[4] He renamed his YouTube channel to AwesomeRobloxians and made all but four of his videos private. He also changed his Roblox status to read "I'm gone and I'm never coming back... From the past MisterObvious: "Happy 10th anniversary MisterObvious." Since then, he completely quit Roblox.

On May 26, 2021, MisterObvious was terminated from Roblox.


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