Super Fun Obby is a famous game that was built by monkrymonkry. The purpose of the game is for players to complete an extremely long obstacle course. The game is MonkryMonkry's most popular and liked game; it has over 142,000 favorites. The levels in the game save when players exit the game. You get various coins and badges for every 5 stages you get past, in which you can use the coins (or robux) to buy skip passes. Several different VIP T-shirts are available for the game that skip to various stages in the course (stage 100, 200, etc.)

Unfortunately, On July 19th 2013, MonkryMonkry was hacked. His Super Fun Obby place name was changed to "monkrymonkry was hacked" However, the place has not been hacked.

This obby Is now impossible because of one of the glitches ( Wall Climbing Glitch ) to complete the obby has been removed

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