Nahr_Nahrstein (formerly known as NearmissTFW) is a famous Roblox user who is very well known for his Wingz World V series, Tradelands and le bote.
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Wingz World V

Wingz World V is a game where you control planes, boats and blimps and do jobs. The current version is Wingz World V, the previous one being Wingz World IV. Wingz World V is a map with islands separated by ocean. In Wingz World, there are different types of aircraft such as: ultralight, the very first type of aircraft you get; single engine and multi engine, the second and third; jets; the fastest and the most well known for; boats, which are surprisingly featured in a plane game; helicopters, and blimps.

The game uses two types of currencies; the first one being cash and the other being Wingz Points (WP). Cash is used for repairs, refueling, and moving to planes or moving planes to you if they are at a different airport. WP is used to purchase vehicles and is used for most of the entire game. To get these, you have to do jobs; which aren't essentially missions, but just transporting or dropping lemons.

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