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Nathorix is a Roblox YouTuber with over 140,000 subscribers. He primarily uploaded Roblox gameplays, joke videos, and rant videos about other Roblox YouTubers. He has a fan group called Nathorix Studios.

Due to accidentally losing access to his channel's connected email address in November 2019 upon resetting his phone number which was connected for 2-step verification (on both Roblox and Google), he had to start from scratch again as Google's support could not help him get the account back. He has restarted his YouTube career under the name of Scrimzox on both Roblox and YouTube. His new channel can be found here.


In May 2018, he started creating a series of videos named the "King of Clickbait". In these videos, he ranted about other Roblox YouTubers that used "clickbait" techniques on their videos. One of the videos that got him more attention and popular is titled "Robloxlover69 - The King of Clickbait". Some of those YouTubers who were the subject of those videos made rant and response videos to Nathorix in which Nathorix responded with more hate.


Nathorix has been criticized for causing unnecessary drama and sometimes misinforming his audience. 


There have been multiple drama cases that involve Nathorix. For example, on August 11, 2018, Nathorix and ChloeUrie uploaded videos talking about each other. In Chloe's video, she stated that she became friends with Nathorix sometime recently by that time. However, Chloe got creeped out when Nathorix "jokingly" replied that he wanted to go out with her to America. She thought he was serious. Later that same day, both of them self-resolved the issue. They are no longer friends and their videos addressing each other have been deleted.

Hacking incident

On September 26, 2019, a hacker compromised his Google and Twitter accounts, which gave them full access to his YouTube account. The hacker tweeted some spam and very offensive tweets on his Twitter account. Then, the hacker deleted all of his videos on his YouTube channel which caused Nathorix to start over again. He managed to get back his Twitter and YouTube account later on, but now the only way to watch his old videos is through archives uploaded by other channels.


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  • Nathorix, along with BL3CKY, created a channel called Robloxian Hotline. The channel posts streams of them talking to people from their Discord server.
  • On October 26, 2018, to continue YouTube by making family friendly videos, Nathorix has privated all of his older non-family friendly videos. However, this did not last long, as he went back to making non-family-friendly videos on January 5, 2019.
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