Medieval Mountains is a famous RPG built by Nawtz  and scripted by Brinker7. The game features exploration of an island, the game also allows players to have various professions in order for the player to gain money for weapons. The admins of the game are Nawtz, Brinker7, Combrad, Crosboow, Build Thomas, Tjejoker80, Katomii, Cinnamonpancake, SethiXzon, Ivorblox, Minnie1, Noobzzze, ExpensiveBlue, MaartenT, Jelly10547, Dishling, misterman17, Einnel, and Goopop1. The game has over 1.6 million place visits and over 71,000 favorites.


When asked during an interview about where the inspiration came from, Nawtz. " About a year and a half ago, or maybe two. I went on a small vacation to Germany. With Medieval towns and stuff. I liked the style. ._. "


A Medieval Mountains two is currently being built by Nawtz. The new game is called Fate of Fantasy and is expected to be bigger and have more towns. It is possible that he will add more games as a sequel in the future.

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