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NerfModder (February 25, 1995 – June 3, 2015), known in real life as Jackson Fowler, was a Roblox user, group leader and game developer noted for leading [русская армия], Roblox's largest Russian-based group. He is considered by many to be the father figure of the Modern Military community due to his popularity and his top played games. Throughout his history, he accumulated millions of place visits, notably through Survival Of The Living, a zombie survival game, and his group headquarters Russian Army HQ.

Russian Army [русская армия]

NerfModder was famous for his group, [русская армия], which translates to Russian Army in English; it is commonly referred to as RA. The group obtained over 27,000 members at its peak.

He is the developer of the Russian Army HQ, referred to as Moscow; the HQ is fictionally located in the city of Moscow, Russia. The place has been visited over 6 million times and has been favorited over 200,000 times. The popularity of the group's training places on NerfModder's page have also contributed to the group's rising growth rate, particularly Basic Training.

He had also led the first four original divisions of the Russian Army: FSB, NKVD, RUS, and Spetsnaz. Spetsnaz was an independent group founded by NerfModder and SpetnazCaptain prior to RA; it accumulated over 9,000 members before the merge with RA. When it became a division of RA, all lower-ranked members were exiled from Spetsnaz to use it as a division of RA.


NerfModder eventually resigned from RA due to personal reasons and handed the group over to Treys1. Soon after, NerfModder returned and created new groups to start anew. To fill his time, NerfModder recreated the famous Umbrella Corps, but this was short-lived. Later, NerfModder came back and made a new Russian group known as Kalash; after NerfModder's death, the group was passed down to Raptor72, and then Nalnikov. 


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"He will be loved, as he rests in peace, and will most of his relatives, family, and friends remember him, as they also love him as well, wishing him to come back and stay in the world with us."

NerfModder was known to have battled depression and anxiety throughout his entire life, and he committed suicide on June 3, 2015, in a forest near his home in Nova Scotia, Canada[1]. Following her son's death, NerfModder's mother, Laura, has been an active advocate for suicide prevention[2]

NerfModder's Legacy

NerfModder's Legacy is a project, as well as a group, which began soon after his death. By request of NerfModder's mother (Laura), ag4Official set to complete NerfModder's unfinished places, including Survival Of The Living V: No Hope, and re-release places NerfModder had discontinued. Since the beginning of NerfModder's Legacy, money has been raised for charities related to depression across Europe and North America from the Summer of 2015. NerfModder's famous "Moscow" has been reopened by ag4Official, however, this was prior to NerfModder's death. In 2016 "[RA Русская Армия]" became a revival of [русская армия]'s glorious days under NerfModder's leadership. However, progress on some of the Survival Of The Living (SOTL) games have not proceeded as far as intended and are yet to be progressed due to required fixes.

NerfModder's Legacy is run and overlooked by ag4Official, JTF2RogueSniper (Previously known as verbatim, who used to live with NerfModder) and Laura; however, there has been controversy surrounding ag4Official and Laura as to having access to, and using, NerfModder's account. Since the project began, many people have attempted to convince their way into access of the account by hassling Laura. It has been requested not to ask for access to the account. 

NerfModder's player description is now the following:

NerfModder began his adventures on ROBLOX in 2008. Over the years, NerfModder was respected and admired for his unique creativity and efforts he put into his games. He was a leader and friend to many. He'd never let a man down or leave anyone behind. He was a true comrade at arms, a warrior who won many battles. Sadly though, there was one battle he could not win; his battle with depression, which took his life on June 3rd, 2015. He did not want to die, he wanted to live and he fought every day, just like he did in his games, but it was a bad day for him and his choice to numb his pain ended his life. But even though the body is no longer with us, his spirit will live on eternally. With the help of his comrades, NerfModder’s Legacy will continue in the games he has created, and every time you play, know that he is playing right along with you. Those who fight as one don’t stand alone.

Laura Fowler (NerfModder's mother)

NerfModder's account is sometimes online, which is explained by NerfModder's status:

NerfModder has sadly passed away, but his account shall still run and be checked by his mother and ag4Official, don't be alarmed if shown online, it is just his mom (Nerfmum225) and ag4Official making sure all is well with NerfModder's Legacy.


The following is a list of games NerfModder created, which have been re-released/maintained under NerfModder's Legacy or are yet to be reopened.

Survival Of The Living IV: Old Memories

Old Memories was the classic Survival Of The Living, which became very well known in around 2012. There are plenty of videos on YouTube of gameplay, however, the game is currently having issues due to ROBLOX updates. Major fixes are required.

Survival Of The Living V: No Hope

No Hope was actually unknown to anyone other than NerfModder until ag4Official discovered it while extracting important games and models for possible re-releasing of NerfModder's games. It was unfinished but playable, and it was also interestingly a modernized version of the previous Survival Of The Living. The general feel to it and atmosphere is extremely memorable and unique. After being released for the first time months after his death, it became quite popular following advertising. 

Survival Of The Living VI: End Of The Line

The last of NerfModder's Survival Of The Living games. The name was actually not given by NerfModder, but given by friends after his death because it was the final one, which was also unfinished. This is the most active to date, gaining very frequent visits each day.

Contained Insanity

Contained Insanity is described by Laura as a 'piece of art', which was crafted by NerfModder to illustrate his depression. It became well known instantly and to this day still obtains visits. 

Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg was the most well known early RA game, which became very popular in very short time. It was created in 2012 and closed for a long time until reused in 2014 by NerfModder's Umbrella Corps and is yet to be reopened once again under RA in 2016. It is complete, but is waiting to be opened when RA becomes more active.


Moscow is probably the most well known game NerfModder ever made. It was released in early 2013, and became the most legendary RA game ever. It was eventually closed in late 2013 until re-released by ag4Official in late 2014, which was then closed shortly after NerfModder's death in mid 2015. However, it was then reopened in early 2016 and remains open, but not as a game of conflict. 


Dagestan became the replacement of Moscow as RA's game. It was quite well known and based in the non-fictional region of Dagestan, near Azerbaijan, Georgia and the Caspian Sea. This was made and opened in late 2013, and was shortly closed. However, it was re-released in early 2016. 

Basic Training

Basic Training was the most famous RA training base ever made. It was instantly popularized and was opened in late 2013, until closed in early 2014. However, it was re-released in early 2016. 

NerfModder Museum

The NerfModder Museum was not created by NerfModder, but was put together by his family and friends as a memorial and collection of his ROBLOX life in early 2016. 


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