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Nicolas77 (better known by his YouTube channel name NicsterV) is a famous YouTuber with 2+ million subscribers[1] who uploads many Roblox-related videos. His nickname is "Nic". He sometimes used to post videos on how to get free Robux; he did this the most from 2015 to 2018. However, unlike the methods that request log-in info, he said that his viewers could use 'legitimate' means such as using promotional links, purchasing Builders Club, or converting Tickets (when they were still available) to get free Robux.

He also made a few alternate accounts to show how ‘free Robuxgames are actually aimed at stealing your account. He also sometimes makes videos about Roblox "hackers." Often, when a new “hacker” comes about, he makes a video about it, then a few days later, he uploads a video saying that the hacker is fake.

“Prank War” with ZephPlayz

On December 30th, 2017, Nicolas77 changed his hat nonstop during the afternoon. It was later revealed that ZephPlayz got into his account and stole his Dominus Rex using the trade function while NicsterV was recording a YouTube video as revenge for a prank he did on ZephPlayz.

Nicolas77 said he would get ZephPlayz back for stealing his Dominus. When Nic's Dominus was traded for, he received an Alien Death Panda hat. He later got ZephPlayz back by purchasing a T-Shirt named "Pranked" for thousands of Robux on ZephPlayz's Roblox account. NicsterV then got his Dominus back from ZephPlayz.

On January 3, 2018, when Nicolas77 was sick, he let ZephPlayz livestream on his channel. ZephPlayz then changed Nicolas77's avatar to a female avatar and set the status update of the account to "Guys I'm a girl now. #Bless." NicsterV later posted on Twitter, "I gave ZephPlayz permission to stream on my channel, and this is what he does." After about roughly 3 days, Nicolas77 changed his avatar back, and changed his status update back to his usual status update, "hi".


On July 10, 2018, Nicolas77 was banned for 7 days under the reason of billing review which had turned out to be false. He was unbanned the next day.

On July 12, 2018, only 2 days after falsely being banned for 7 days, his Roblox account was permanently deleted for unauthorized charges. It was later discovered that an anonymous person had contacted Roblox via email claiming to be Nic's parent/guardian, and said that their child had made charges on his/her credit card in Nic's account, causing Roblox to terminate his account. Nic was unbanned a few days later.


NicsterV has been criticized for making 'clickbait' videos. He is usually the main topic when others discuss clickbait content within the Roblox community. He has also been criticized in the community for promoting wannabe "hackers" as well as the March 18th Incident.

Possible Controversy

NicsterV posted for the first time in over a month, stating that he had controversy with his dad alongside OriginalZephPlayz and that his dad wanted to hack his first Roblox account known as bob757, stating that he does not want him to play Roblox at his age. ZephPlayz created a YouTube video stating that there was 2 weeks left before their Roblox accounts would be compromised. A majority of their fans have been calling them 'clickbaiters', and state that their Roblox accounts will not actually be deleted.


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  • He also owns another YouTube channel, MrTop5, which currently has over 2,964,000 subscribers as of May 23, 2019. He mainly plays Fortnite on that channel, but his channel started out with Top 5 List videos, as referenced in his channel name.
    • In many of his YouTube videos on his NicsterV channel, he pretends as if he isn't MrTop5, but he makes it very obvious that he is. This has been proven due to people in MrTop5's channel oftenly calling him "Nic", and sometimes even making references to his Roblox channel and Roblox itself.
    • He is also friends with a Roblox user named "MrTopRobloxFive".
    • He was told by his dad to stop playing ROBLOX.


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