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Murder Mystery 2 is a horror experience created by Nikilis. The game is based off a Garry's Mod game mode called Murder.

On December 27, 2014, the game was changed to Version 2.0, now known as Murder Mystery 2. The game became the most visited game in February 2017, surpassing 500M visits. In July 2017, MeepCity overtook the game in visits.


A server holds up to 12 players, with 1 murderer, 1 sheriff, and 10 innocent at-most. The game features three modes: Casual, Hardcore, and Assassin. These modes can be switched at any time by the user.



The sheriff is the only player that spawns with a gun, which they can use to protect the innocents. If the sheriff is killed (either by shooting an innocent or getting killed by the murderer), the gun will drop, allowing any innocent to pick it up. Sheriffs gain XP for killing the murderer. It will increase the XP depending on how many innocents they successfully protect.


The hero is an innocent who grabs the gun if the sheriff drops it. They have the same task as the sheriff which is to kill the murderer.


The innocents are unarmed and cannot harm the other players. Their purpose is to aid the sheriff by witnessing murders to figure out who the murderer is. If the gun is dropped by a killed sheriff, an innocent can pick it up, becoming the "hero" if they succeed in shooting the murderer. Innocents gain XP depending with the activity of the player such as the time survival and making their coin bag full, and the hero gets the same XP with the innocents with an increase of winning the round, multiplying after each hero.


The murderer is the only player with a knife, which can be used to kill the innocents and the sheriff. They must stealthily kill all the innocents and the sheriff before time runs out. The murderer gets also the same with the others with an increase of winning the round and the number of eliminations.


Weapons play an integral role for both murderers and sheriffs. Murderers wield throwable knives, whereas sheriffs are equipped with a gun. Both roles are able to buy different weapon designs (also called "skins") in the shop, or they can craft their own designs. The weapons can be decorated with special effects and death abilities, but they are merely cosmetics and do not affect gameplay.


Maps that have been or is in Murder Mystery 2, which players can vote for during intermissions. Note: If the name of a map is not bold, that means it is currently not in the game. If the name of a map isn't italic or bold, that means the map was never was officially released to the game.

Map Description
Office This map is a small office map, due to the size, many players vote for it. The reasoning is because players stay in the main room, where it is most populated and the murderer will easily be caught if she/he attempts to kill anyone in the room. This map has since been discontinued.
Office 2 This map resembled much like the first version of the Office in terms of the layout and area. However, many things have changed. For instance, there were no windows on this map, the glass door at the lobby was replaced by two elevators and the typewriters in the main Office have been replaced with more modern computers. This map has since been discontinued.
Office 3 This map is similar to the second version though this map has golden walls instead of grey walls and this map is slightly expanded. A popular hiding feature in this map is "Zyleak's hole," a small hole underneath the map. Unfortunately it was removed when R15 came in late 2018.
Italy Italy resembles a small ancient Western town. There used to be a glitch where people can stack and stand in an invisible brick above the roof at the gathering point. This is a bug that has existed since he added the invisible walls on the roofs of Italy (also introduced at the shops leading to the back alley). It has since been fixed. This map has since been discontinued when MM2 came out.
Terraria Terraria is a medieval like course, with two castles and a lake in between. In both castles there is a sky house and if the player jumps off the sky house at a certain place, they will exploit a glitch that lets them land on a tree. This is commonly used however and isn't really a hiding spot. This map has been discontinued when MM2 came out.
 Lab A controversial map in Murder Mystery 2, only if playing as murderer, as it has many doors, rooms, and 4 teleporters. It has a scanner that identifies if she/he is the murderer or not. This map was discontinued in 2014.
Lab2 This map is somewhat similar to The Lab in terms of the layout, but this map has been changed drastically. For instance, there is a computer lab and two storage rooms combined with a room with a fake ceiling that allows players to hide on top of the lamps. However, due to its large size, murderers usually will strike early in this map. This map was discontinued in 2019.
Neighborhood Neighborhood is known for only being in the game for a day. It was added on January 29, 2014 which was then removed a day later. This map has since been discontinued.
Haunted House This map is an exact copy of Shedletsky's Haunted House. This map is very big with many dark areas and many hidden corners. Because of its large size, most of the time the murderer are unable to win on this map. Possibly due to its large size and given about the complaints of this map, this map was removed. This map has since been discontinued when MM2 came out.
Crossroads Crossroads was one of the first maps in Murder Mystery. It was added in January 2014 and removed shortly later, when Nikilis had builders for the game. This map has since been discontinued.
Bloxburg Bloxburg, known as The Ledges by the playerbase at the time, is similar to Crossroads since it is not a Murder Mystery based map, and is from ROBLOX Battle. It was added in the first update and removed shortly after.
Chaos Canyon Like the previous two, this was an open map added in the first update. This map has since been discontinued.
Glass Houses This is the fifth and final map to not originate from the game. This map has since been discontinued.
Abandoned Mine Somewhat the "first" Mineshaft map. Its also has the similar concept of Mineshaft but earlier back then. This map has been discontinued.
Mineshaft The cave-themed map in Murder Mystery. It is a small-sized map. Most areas in this map are very dark. There are many hiding places in the map and there is an Easter Egg where they can see the map builder outside. This map has since been discontinued.
Mineshaft2 (This map is not yet in the game. this means the description of the map will get updated and this message will be removed after it has released.)  This map is a remake of Mineshaft. But more Rthro-friendly. It has been leaked around JD's videos.
Hotel (MM1) This is the original version of Hotel, which was removed in January 2015. This map has since been discontinued in January 2015.
Hotel (MM2) This map a remake of the original and it is completely lit up unlike the first and there is also a theater added. There is also a hiding spot under the stairs behind some boxes. There is a glitch where players can spawn on top of the map, where they often tease the murderer by standing on the glass where the murderer can see them, but not get them. This map was discontinued in 2019.
Hotel 2 It is a remake of the MM2 Hotel Map, but it had changes which includes the theater being on the first floor, an elevator was added, the Cafeteria was moved to the third floor, bushes based on the map Bank 2 were added, a plank above the fountain with a truss where the player can climb and easily escape the Murderer and more rooms were added. It also has a large amount of hiding spots.
Ship​​ It is obvious from this name that the game is played on board a Cargo Ship. It is a small cargo ship consisting of an upper deck with loads of crates and a lower deck with some crates and a bedroom for the crew to sleep in. This map somehow floats in mid-air and was the only map that cannot protect the player from falling off the map up until Version 0.6.0a. The player can still fall off the stern (back) of the ship. This has since been fixed. This map has since been discontinued because of the easy way to glitch out.
Hospital (MM1) This is the original version of Hospital which was removed in January 2015. This map has since been discontinued.
Hospital (MM2) Originally called Hospital 2, this map takes place in a rather small Hospital. It consists of several medical wards, an operating room, a help desk, a waiting area and 2 bathrooms resembling the Toilets from the Office and Hotel Maps. There is an Easter Egg whereby in the operating room, loleris can be seen lying dead on the operating table. This map was discontinued in 2017.
Hospital 2 A new version of the hospital map. This map was discontinued in 2019, and was replaced by Hospital III.
Hospital 3 It is a remake of the old Hospital2 but it got a little bit larger so innocents can easily escape. Bushes were added that was based on the bushes at Bankv2. There is an Easter Egg where Thexz is injured and a Doctor holding a skateboard, this Easter Egg was based on a true story.
House As the name suggests, the map resembles a typical cottage in the Western countries. There is even a basement whereby players can access through an air vent near a bedroom. Due to its darkness, murderers most likely will strike there first in this map and that's why the map is discontinued. This map has since been discontinued.
House2 This map is small but popular. This map has many hiding spots, including one behind a TV.
Mansion A small map that consists of 2 bathrooms, a lounge, a possible closet, a dumpster, a small computer lab, and a dining room. The mansion seems to be owned by either Nikilis or Loleris. It's possible to hide behind the dumpster, on top of the ceiling lights in the lounge, and behind some doors. This map has since been discontinued in 2017, and a remake came to replace this.
Mansion2 A remake of the old Mansion map that has many hallways.
Mil Base (not to be mistaken by the below map) This map was added in December 2014 and was removed in favour of the remade version. This may be because of how small this map was. This map has since been discontinued.
Mil-Base A large map with a singular vent and a hidden spot. There is one hallway that leads to a dark room with a red flashing light, a room with controls, another with about eight places to hide, and then a small room with a large window that only consists of controls and a chair. There is also a large area inside that many players converge at and then after that there is a part upstairs with a large circular table and a few boxes, this room is bad for murderers because there is windows on one side of the room showing outside, where many players group up at.
Workplace A medium-sized map that seems to be a call center, according to the background noise. The map has lots of dead ends, so it is recommended that the player knows where they are going if they are getting chased by the murderer. There are a lot of hallways connecting to a single room, so it can be possible to grab the gun behind the murderer or if he/she is distracted.
Pond A small map that consists of the pond itself and a few trees scattered around. The trees make very dark shadows, useful for hiding. This map can only be played on the bonus rounds Massacre and Juggernaut. This map has since been discontinued.
Barn A medium-sized map that has the barn, a house, some hay, and gas tubes. The map lacks of cover, so players will have to improvise. The gas tubes can be used to confuse anyone going after the player, as the space between them are small. The house can be used for temporary cover. The barn is the main standoff point. This map can only be played on the bonus rounds Wild West and Infected. This map has since been discontinued.
Police Station It is quite a large map with many hiding spots. The map consists of several rooms including the main entrance/main room, restrooms, a garage downstairs, two offices in the second floor, an interragation room and a jail with two prison cells. There are many vents in the map, leading to many of the rooms and hallways around the map. This makes it easy to get away from the murderer.
Bank The main feature is a metal detector connecting the main rooms with the air vents. The doorway to the bathroom is left open. If anyone that has a concealed weapon walks through these detectors, a loud beeping sound will commence and the lights will flash red. Anyone nearby that can see this will be notified. Only a Sheriff or Murderer can trigger these. A vent near a detector can be avoided if the player sticks to the wall and slide across. Behind the door, a vault is located. Only someone with a gun can open the vault doors, leading to the other side. This map has the highest coin spawn rate. This map was discontinued in 2018.


It is a remake of the old Bank map.
nStudio Office This map is a huge as the maps Workplace + House2. This map has a lunch area, meeting room, lounges, an office room, a server room, a huge hallway of maps and a Nightclub, where it leads to an office. There is an easter egg in Nikilis's Office, where Nikilis is seen working on what looks to be a new weapon box. It also has bushes and swinging lights where the player can stand so the Murderer cannot see them.

This map is a huge map features festive Christmas decorations. It has many hiding spots. There is a cool thing where in Nikilis's room it shows the player's face on the Elf of the Year picture frame where the player can see their own avatar on it while others see their avatar. Also, in Nikilis's office  there is Sparkle Time present in his room where it creates a trail when being pushed, This is the first map to feature a bundle where when people can dress up as an Elf. This map can only be featured in the Christmas update!. This map was discontinued after the Christmas 2019 event, but was brought back during the Christmas 2020 event, and removed again after the Christmas event ended.

Log Cabin

This map is a small indoor map featuring a winter cabin with several furniture, tables and chairs located in the shack. It has 2 floors, and a basement filled with crates and boxes. It's outside contains a small open area and nearing the entrance is a walk around area with a bath. The second floor contains a restroom and the first floor has a Christmas tree, a chimney, as well as wooden walls completed with windows. It has stairs leading up to the second floor. The map is good for collecting coins, and it is exclusive for the 2020 Christmas event. This map was discontinued in February 2021 when the Christmas event ended.

Research Facility This is the map that was replaced by Workshop, and was released along with Season 2. It features some kind of "BioLab II" but more exciting. It is the first map to have many interactives, to have teleporters, to have a feature where murderers can only use, a screen with a GIF effect on it, and to have a cloning or turning into something machine. The second map to have, interactive, (first was Mil-Base) role detector, and with a Sci-Fi themed. It has many and has vast secret hiding spots. There are many hallways and interactives where innocents can easily escape from murderer. There are some interactives which can let the murderer trap the innocents, or the innocents trap themselves. This map also has some lore behind it, according to JD.[1]
Nightclub (This map is not yet in the game. The description of the map will get updated and this message will be removed after it has released.) This map was first saw in the hallway gallery of maps in nStudio Office. The most recent leak was JD's video of doing a 1v1 in the map.
Prison (This map is not yet in the game. The description of the map will get updated and this message will be removed after it has released.) This map was leaked on JD's channel. It is said that they are working on it. No updates yet for now.



  • When the player hears a stabbing sound, they should take a peek outside their hiding spot to identify the murderer.
  • When the player is being chased by the murderer, they should think of where the murderer will go.
  • The murderer will occasionally go and tell everybody to dance together or get into a group and then kill them instantly making it more easier for them to win.
  • Think carefully about every move. Some murderers can predict where a player will go and end up throwing a knife in that direction!
  • There is a small chance that a user will be sheriff or murderer two or more times in a row. Because of this, many players may assume that once someone is the murderer, they will be innocent or sheriff the next round.
  • The player should try to move into different areas and rooms in the map to confuse the murderer, so they can get more time to hide/run.
  • If the player has a radio, it is unwise for them to use to it during rounds (if they're any role other than murderer) because the murderer can track where they are by the sound of their radio, increasing their chances of getting murdered. 
  • Be careful when you see a dead body with the gun on it, the murderer might be guarding it.


  • The only way to detect a murderer who has turned invisible is their knife being equipped, their boombox is playing, or they currently have an equipped pet or effect. The sheriff can only shoot the murderer if they're partially visible or totally visible.
  • MilBase, Mansion2, and Factory tend to be easier maps for the sheriff.
  • Revealing a gun may increase a player's chances of being killed by the murderer.
  • If the player is the Sheriff, they should try to go into open areas with a ton of people (try not to stand too close to the crowd of people) and monitor them. It is most likely that the murderer will be in that crowd, and if the player spots the Murderer kill someone, they can easily kill them.
  • It is recommended to keep the player's identity as Sheriff a secret, as the murderer will most likely target the sheriff if the sheriff poses a threat to them.


  • If the player is the murderer, deceiving the sheriff is a key goal to not being killed. Following the sheriff tends to increase suspicion! When trying to kill the sheriff, following him from behind increases the chances of not being seen.
  • The Office2, Office3 Hotel2, and Mansion2 tend to be easier maps for the murderer.
  • The worst place to be murderer is nStudio, as it is extremely laggy on older devices and the player is most likely to get shot.
  • It is also unwise if the player has the burning effect on while they are murderer (especially if they're the only one in the server who has it on); because the hero/sheriff can easily tell they are the murderer if there are burning bodies everywhere.
  • If the player is the murderer, Research Facility is the only map where they can interact with the map.
  • Guarding (mostly known as camping/puppy guarding) is NOT recommended to do once the murderer kills the sheriff/hero. Not only does it annoy the innocents, but the point of being the murderer is to eliminate EVERYONE, and not to survive the whole round.
  • If the player is the murderer, the best way to kill someone is to act casual, and when someone is near the player, they should quickly run to them, take out their knife, and kill them.

Other Tips

  • If the player is an innocent or a sheriff, they should think of who hasn't been the murderer in a while, it might be them!
  • If the player is the murderer/sheriff, it is recommended not to hold their weapon out in the open, as that increases their chances of being shot/killed.


Murder Mystery 2 has received some negative feedback due to its obnoxious monetization, the radios, glitchers, people who team and do 1v1s which makes the game unfair, along with the lack of polish and bug fixes; the game also received criticism due to a popular TikToker known as Joey_Albanese played the game numerous times and encouraged their fans to play the game and so now the game has over 100,000 active count players normally and for being the most common place of both Copy and Pastes and Slenders appearances.


This section is a trivia section. Please relocate any relevant information into other sections of the article.

  • Knives and guns from previous rounds have been known to appear on most maps.
  • On 11 April 2014, all servers on Murder Mystery were hacked by an anonymous user. The hack froze the timer in-game, generating lots of complaints and hatred and quickly fell off the Top Played games within minutes. By 12 April 2014 at 1AM EST, Nikilis took down all the remaining hacked servers and fixed the issue.
  • Murder Mystery reached 10 million visits on 27 April 2014 and 20 million visits on 23 December 2014.
  • Murder Mystery consistently stayed in the top spots of the front page within the first month of its release.
  • The game won an award at Virtual BLOXcon 2014.
  • If one looks at several viewpoints from 2 hotel rooms, the hotel is actually floating in the sky.
  • Versions 0.5.0b, 0.5.1b and 0.5.2b included the addition of music, a new GUI which showed every player, including the murderer and sheriff at the end of each round, how many kills the murderer made and how long the round lasted in total. For an unknown reason, this caused severe lag in-game and made people disconnect from the game when they were the Murderer and were to be shot by the Sheriff.
  • In the hospital map, loleris is found laying down unconscious on a patient's bed, with Nikilis holding a knife.
  • Version 0.6.1a had a bug that rarely allowed dropped guns to be picked up by the murderer. This caused murderers to dress themselves up as the sheriff, tricking and luring the innocents to easily kill them.
  • The map Terraria is based on the two dimensional sandbox game, Terraria.
  • This game helped start the murder trend on Roblox, causing countless spinoffs and similar games to be created, such as Murder! by Clonetrooper1019, The Mad Murderer by loleris, Twisted Murderer by Taymaster, and the most recent murder game, Murder Mystery X by Jordy240797.
  • The names for the people are based on the NATO military alphabet such as A=Alpha B=Bravo
  • The game uses the font "True Lies" and "Friday 13".
  • In the hospital map, a computer is showing CloneTrooper10109's Murder! game.
  • Around 2017–2018, skins were easily dupeable, giving Nikilis negative criticism, and heavily ruining the trading economy.
  • The Shadow Item Pack, which was supposed to be available for a limited time, was in the shop for 2 years.
  • The Batwing, a former developer exclusive item was added in the Halloween 2018 update, but was met with mixed feelings from the community. During the days it was still a dev-only item it was a huge scythe with a different slashing animation. Due to high demand, it became a gamepass. It was then re-sized, and removed of the former animations. It was replaced by Nik's Scythe as a dev-only item, which is a blue recolor of the Batwing.
  • After Season 1 was released, players can now hold more coins. Most items in the shop such as crates have had their prices increased.
  • There are no current maps featuring the Sheriff-only door, but the interactive in the new map, Research Facility is for every player which they can access it.
  • The House map along with the Mansion are the only maps that have been updated but don't have a Roman numeral next to their name. They instead just have a normal number. (ex. 2,3,4 instead of II,III,IV)
  • Before the March 2020 update arrived, the effects with exclusive death effects were broken for a while but when the update was released, it had a setting where the player can turn on/off the death effect of a specific effect.
  • Research Facility is the only map where only the Murderer can interact with the map. They can slash or throw their knife at the door wires making it close, or they could slash or throw their knife at the Electric Box which turns off the lights completely until the end of the round.
  • There was a very good hiding spot in Hospital III. Players could hide behind the benches in the hallway besides the X-ray room. which the murderer could hardly notice. But in the March 2020 update, it was fixed.
  • Before in MM1, the Classic tier, which is now known as Vintage, were purchasable knives with an exclusive kill effect and perk[2]
  • The RB Battles Season 2 event was the first event MM2 participated in. The House, nStudio, and Factory maps got updated where Russo, DJ, and Sabrina will appear in certain locations. Upon seeing them, the player could claim the RB Battles Knife.
    • However, it is now unobtainable, as the RB Battles event ended.
  • The Bombo's Survival Knife is the first gear to be a knife in this game.