Njay, Navin Lal in real life, is a former Roblox Software Engineer and Forum Moderator. Njay had developed numerous features on Roblox, including a credit system for prepaid cards[1], website architecture[2], matchmaking and provisioning for all Roblox games[3], Universes[4], and an automated deploy tool for functional testing[5]. Njay also added group interaction to Roblox's Lua API, paving the way for war games by creating new endpoints that would allow clan groups to only allow members of their group into their place.[6] Other ideas that were pitched by Njay, but never made it past conception include 13+ groups[7], group forums, and the infamous crafting system[8]. Today, Njay is very inactive on Roblox, not having played since September 2, 2019.

In March 2013, Njay left Roblox. It is not known as to why Njay left the company, but it is rumored that Njay was fired for their involvement with an unauthorized Robux Generator. They also supposedly gave access to the Robux Generator in videos on YouTube, Vimeo, and other video hosting platorms.[citation needed] Another rumor suggests that Njay got in a fight with another admin named MasterChiefAlpha, ending in the termination of both employees. Although it is not known whether Njay and MasterChiefAlpha got in a fight or not, they were both fired in the same month, which gives this rumor some validity.

After leaving Roblox, Njay went to work at Hipmunk for nearly six years, leaving the company in March 2016. After Hipmunk, Njay went to work at Leadup, where they work now.

Njay's website can be found here. Much of the information available on the site, including their resume, is outdated, having been updated last on August 14, 2014.


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