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Bob Pieron (known on Roblox as NobleDragon) is a Roblox administrator who joined in 2010. He currently holds the positions "Manager of Moderation and Community Engagement" and "Learning and Enablement Manager" according to his Linkedin profile.

He made frequent appearances on The Next Level as a guest and co-host.


NobleDragon is criticized for continuing to ban Ruben Sim, a former Roblox Youtuber (who revealed that Bob was following an inappropriate Twitter account), despite Ruben Sim's actions taking place off-platform.

Ruben created a video why this is happening addressing it here. Up until a recent court settlement which saw Ruben Sim shunned of the Roblox platform, NobleDragon has allegedly been actively tracking down Ruben Sim's alternate Roblox accounts and banning them.


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  • Before the forums were defunct, he created a post mentioning Roblox removing KOs and WOs. This received large amounts of backlash within the community.
  • He is a member of Pinewood Builders as a "Special Guest".